Monday, November 5, 2007

A "Tail" of Two Backs

30 carries, 296 yards, 3 TDs.....

By now you have seen the high lights and read the box score of the phenomenal afternoon one Mr. Adrian Peterson had. Peterson broke Jamal Lewis's 2003 record for the most yards gained in one game against a San Diego Charger team that seemed to have missed or dismissed the scouting report on number 28. Peterson scored on runs of 1, 64, and 46 yards. He also caught one pass for 19 yards to give him a total of 315 for the game. The seventh pick of the 2007 draft, Peterson, is making a name for himself.....and in a hurry. Because of an injury-proned college career at Oklahoma, a lot of teams passed on Adrian. He now has 1,036 rushing yards this season and is on a pace to shatter Eric Dickerson's rookie record of 1,808 yards.

35 carries, 321 yards, 1 TD

In an unbelievable performance, Darren McFadden exploded against the South Carolina Gamecocks to lead the Razorbacks to a 48-36 win. 321 yards? That's 3 football 21 yards. Can you say "Heisman"? My question....and probably yours too.... is to Arkansas coach Houston Nutt: "Where the name of .......Frank Broyles ....was this running game earlier in the season? Arkansas rushed for 541 yards.....Earth to Nutt: "Just hand the ball off....why don't 'ya."

A note to NFL scouts and General Managers.......Great running backs are not coached to greatness.....They have ...."it"........This weekend , we have just witnessed two of the greatest performances ever in football. And they were by "tail backs".

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