Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hump Day Thoughts..........

Not that any one still cares.....but Mike Tyson....yep....that Mike Tyson spent a day in a Phoenix, Arizona jail. The one-time "baddest man on the planet" was incarcerated one more time.....if only for 24 hours. The 41 year old Tyson had admitted to charges of possessing cocaine and driving under the influence. Joe Arpaio, the self-styled toughest sheriff in America makes inmates wear pink hand-cuffs and pink underwear underneath their prison stripes. Mr. Tyson will also have to complete 360 hours of community service along with 3 years probation. According to AP, Tyson ate sloppy joes and read the mobster epic "American Gangster". fitting.

Three touchdown favorite? The New England Patriots are a 22 point favorite Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. According to MGM- Mirage, this is the second highest line in the history of NFL betting. The Patriots are 10-o and 9-1 against the spread so far this year. With Eagles QB Donovan McNabb's condition list as questionable......the line may even go up ....or some places are already doing......taken off the board.

Building for the future? According to the AJC, forty-nine percent of the 83 athletes who have played for the Georgia Bulldogs this season are either freshmen or sophomores. Of the 25 freshmen to see action -- that ranks fifth nationally behind North Carolina (38), Florida (33), Auburn (29) and Iowa (29) -- six are true freshmen, four of whom are starters.

And finally.......a little taste.....of the greatest city on earth.......

Enough said.

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