Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coincidence....Or a Disturbing Trend?

Michael Vick surrendered to authorities today in Warsaw, Virginia and turned himself in to United States Marshals and was brought to the Northern Neck Regional Jail. This comes 3 weeks from Vick's scheduled sentencing. Having already pled guilty, Vick faces (according to sentencing guidelines) from a year to 18 months in prison.

What bothers me is a disturbing trend developing regarding high profile black athletes and the United States government. Barry Bonds was recently indicted on charges of lying to a grand jury. Marion Jones was indicted on virtually the same charges. Bonds is scheduled to be arraigned in December 7 in San Francisco; Vick will be sentenced December 10; Jones will be sentenced January 11, 2008.

More disturbing is that fact the each of these investigations took on more of a..... holy crusade ....than that of an impartial investigation. The sheer length of the grand jury in the Bonds case begs one to wonder (4 years for a grand jury is highly unusual). And in Vick's case.......when has the government ever got involved in a dog fighting case in the deep south?

Neither of these three have ever been caught in a DUI or DWI. None have ever killed another human. They have never been convicted of tax evasion or fraud. None are on trial for selling drugs..... or even abusing drugs.

The three..........Bonds, Jones and Vick will all probably do some jail time. And won't that make all of us feel safer with them locked up? Did I say us? Oops........my bad .....you know who this is aimed at. And if you have to ask who......then it's ....more than likely you.

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