Friday, April 30, 2010

April......We Hardly Knew You....


You came in like a lion......You gave us "April Fools Day".   You made us pay our taxes on the 15th.

You gave us "April showers"........We had "spring breaks".

Easter came....and went.

We had birthdays........we had deaths.....

We had cold........we had warmth....

Spring came......Winter left.

And're leaving us too.

April.......we hardly knew you. 

Honey.......I'm ...Home

Tiger going home.   Early.

Having missed the cut line in a tournament in North Carolina.......Mr. Woods will spend this Saturday and home.


Tiger Woods -- The First Cut is the Deepest

Tiger Woods just concluded one of the worst performances of his professional career -- and was officially eliminated from the Quail Hollow Championship after missing the cut by a mile.

Just to put this in perspective, Tiger went from 1997 to 2005 without missing one single cut in any of the tournaments he played in ... and in 2007, Tiger WON the Quail Hollow tourney.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A the Stomach!

At around 11:00 pm EDT last night,  with the Atlanta Hawks up by 9 on the Milwaukee Bucks  with 4 minutes left......I went to bed.   I went to sleep confident these Hawks were going to go up 3-2 in the series  and close it out Friday in Wisconsin.

Well........a funny thing happened in those last 4 minutes.

You can imagine my surprise.....when I saw this headline....this morning:

Bucks 91, Hawks 87, Game 5


Brandon Jennings reacts after the Bucks scored in the fourth quarter.

Keep counting 'em out, all you NBA experts. These Milwaukee Bucks will just keep fighting to the end. The Hawks found that out the hard way on Wednesday as the Bucks got off the mat to grab a stunning 91-87 victory at Philips Arena. »Read Full Article(121)

It was like....getting punched in the stomach!  

How can a home......blowing a 9 point 4 minutes?

Then again......this is......Atlanta......and .....these are the .......Hawks. 

Can a Brother ....Get a Break?

If your name is  Gilbert Arenas.......apparently ...not.    It just gets deeper and deeper for this NBA'er. is on the case!

Gilbert Arenas -- More Trouble Over Guns

Gilbert Arenas -- the Washington Wizards basketball player who pled guilty to felony gun charges in January -- has more gun problems ... TMZ has learned.

We've obtained a lawsuit filed against Arenas by Tactical Operations -- a company that sells high-end guns. 

According to the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Arenas bought five custom Beretta pistols with five silencers in February of 2006.  Arenas paid for the guns, BUT....

Tactical Operations claims Arenas never took possession of the weapons -- and owes the company over $70,000 in storage fees and interest.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The World still Loves......Kobe

Bryant again tops list of NBA's most popular jerseys

Is Your Momma......A "Ho"?

We are......sure the question was not phrased quite this inappropriate question just the same.

This GM should be fired:

NFL exec sorry for dissing player's mom

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland apologizes to Dez Bryant for an insulting question about the receiver's mother. » Details 

Dez Bryant, one of the most highly rated rated wide receivers in the 2010 NFL Draft, raised eyebrows last week when he told Yahoo! Sports' Michael Silver that one team asked him a particularly bizarre question during an interview:
"They asked me if my mom's a prostitute," Bryant says, an account that was confirmed by Wells, who attended the meeting. "No, my mom is not a prostitute. I got mad - really mad - but I didn't show it. I got a lot of questions like that: Does she still do drugs? I sat and answered all of them."

Things From the Week-end.......

Yeah....yeah....We  know it's a little late......this being Wednesday....but....

I don't know if we're smarter.......but.......the week-end did teach us this:

The Atlanta Hawks  cannot win on the road.

The Atlanta Braves  cannot all.

The Boston Celtics....are alive......and well.

The Dallas Mavericks.....are over-rated....

The L A Lakers.....are in deep trouble.

The Denver Nuggets.....miss their coach.

The San Antonio Spurs.....Have come back from the dead.

There.....there.........I do think we are a little smarter.....You?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The SEC......Rules Again

No surprises..

The SEC is by far the best football conference in America.  More proof?  We give you the just concluded 2010 NFL draft:

All seven rounds of the 2010 NFL draft are in the books, and there is little doubt or suspense as to which conference caught the most pro eyes over the past three days.

Players from the SEC, winners of the last four BcS title games, were far and away the most popular throughout the selection process as 49 of the 255 players taken were from the league.

The Big 12, after a first-round tear saw them topping even the SEC with nine selections, slowed down significantly over the last six rounds and came in with 30 drafted players, good for only fourth amongst BcS conferences.

Next after the SEC?  The Big Ten with 34 and the ACC with 31, with the Pac-10 ending the festivities with 29.

Meanwhile, the Big East sucked some major hind teat with just 13 players taken the entire draft, and five of those came from one school -- South Florida.

A Fool and His Money.....Part ....IV?

This is becoming  the norm.   And this is not good.

Yet another fool......and his money part ways.

Rick Mahorn is bankrupt and no longer has his championship ring

Apparently it doesn't matter when you played in the NBA, if you were ever a forward in the Eastern Conference there's a good chance you're going to file for bankruptcy. It sucks, but based on Antoine Walker, Derrick Coleman, and now Rick Mahorn it has to be true. Stupid recession.
As I mentioned, the bankruptcy bug has stricken former Piston/Bullet/Net/76er Rick Mahorn. It's your typical tale of investments gone bad, houses going under, and just general bad luck. Take it away, Detroit News.
Mahorn, 51, and his wife filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy because of failed investments, the plummeting value of their Rochester Hills home, and the burden of repaying more than $200,000 to the IRS, he said. Portions of his paychecks have been seized to satisfy delinquent federal taxes, records show.[...]
Mahorn and his wife filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Dec. 8, listing $228,603 in assets and $518,688 in liabilities. The case is pending in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Detroit. A Chapter 7 filing lets individuals discharge certain debts while allowing the court to liquidate nonexempt assets and use the money to help pay creditors.
Public records indicate Mahorn and his wife faced a foreclosure sale in April 2009 because the couple had defaulted on their mortgage and owed more than $539,000. They were later sued in a Rochester Hills district court by U.S. National Bank, which won a judgment for possession in November.
Despite making more than $6 million throughout his playing career and pulling in a six figure salary as a Pistons commentator, Mahorn and his wife had just $1,101 dollars to their name when they filed. The couple also listed three late-model cars and a house that's value had decreased by $300,000. Perhaps saddest of all, Mahorn no longer has his championship ring from his days with the Pistons, telling the Detroit News that "it's gone."
Furthermore, he also owes $55 to a local library, which is kind of like terrible icing on the horrible cake. Good luck, Rick.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dollar Bill

Brace your self....this is very deep.

From our sis .........GaPeach913:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Madden Curse:?

Myth.......or Fact?   We'll see!

Drew Brees -- You've Been Cursed!

Hopefully, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was enjoying his last moments of free will yesterday -- 'cause he's about to become a slave to the most evil hex of all time ... the "Madden Curse."

As Brees arrived in New York yesterday, the Super Bowl hero told us that getting another NFL championship is "always the plan." But his plan seems unrealistic now -- because later today, Drew will be announced as the Madden 11 cover boy.

0422_madden_250If you're unfamiliar with the Madden legend ... horrible things always happen to the players who make the cover of the video game. Just ask Troy Polamalu ...the Madden 10 cover boy who sustained a devastating knee injury in week 1 last year.

Other victims include Marshall Faulk, Ray Lewis, Vince Young, Shaun Alexander ... and of course Michael Vick.

Good thing Saints fans don't believe in superstitions ...

UPDATE: Brees has already weighed in on the curse, saying "Destiny is more powerful than a curse. Whatever is meant to be will happen. Faith."

Why Did I Get Married?....Part 3

Some guys.....were just born to be single.

Tiger Woods one of  "those guys".

A "Ga-Zillionaire".....Number 1 in his sport.......built like a line-backer....

Who needs a wife and kids?

Yankee's  MLB star Derek Jeter  gets it.   Stay every supermodel.....and be happy.

Tiger dated one supermodel......and married her.

Think he's having second thoughts

Tiger Woods Backstage -- Say Cheeeeese

TMZ has obtained a photo of Tiger Woods backstage at the Nickelback concert in Orlando Monday night -- where he partied away without his wife Elin Nordegren.

Tiger Woods Backstage -- Say Cheeeeese
Decked out in Nike gear and a backstage pass draped around his neck, Woods cracked a huge smile for this photo with the band's stage manager, Donnie Floyd, in a private room ... a room stocked with red solo cups.

We're told Woods attended the show with another male friend. Tiger is reported to be close with Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Play......"Leap Frog"

From GaPeach913:

Hump Day.....News & Views

It is Wednesday.....that middle of the week day......better known as "Hump Day".

Some ..."stuff"..we're following:

Ben Roethlisberger Officially Suspended

Ben Roethlisberger Officially Suspended Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has just  received a SIX game suspension from the NFL for violating the league's Personal-Conduct Policy.
A spokesperson for the NFL announced that Ben has been informed of the decision.

Officials claim the suspension could be reduced to 4 games, if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sees fit.

Ben will not be paid for the games he will miss -- which means he could lose nearly $3 million if he misses all six.

Along with the suspension, Ben will also have to undergo a comprehensive behavioral evaluation.

In a letter to Roethlisberger, Commish Goodell told Ben, "There is nothing about your conduct in Milledgeville that can remotely be described as admirable, responsible, or consistent with either the values of the league or the expectations of our fans.”

Rare appearance by Kobe's special guest

Kobe Bryant's father, Joe, attends his first Lakers game in years and gives his son some tips. » What keeps him away

Some "Hump Day"  thoughts:

The NBA really play-off time.

The Atlanta Braves.....had a great come back win ......last night.

The Atlanta Hawks....are really good.   Where are the fans?

Will you watching the NFL 2010 draft?

TNT.......has the best NBA coverage........ever.

Have a great......Hump Day.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taking Care of the Home Court

The Hawks go up 2-0........

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Funnies

A scene .....from our ...favorite movie....ever...."Blazing Saddles".

And forward......."Blazing Obama"

A New Low.....Even for Philadelphia

We all know  all about the Philadelphia fans......Booing Santa Claus.....etc.

Now.......Philly Fan....has stooped to a new low:

Police: NJ man purposely vomited on Phillies fans

In this undated photo released by the Philadelphia Police Department, Matthew Clemmens is seen. Clemmens, 21, of Cherry Hill, N.J., is facing charges after police say he intentionally vomited on an 11-year-old girl in the stands during a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game on Wednesday, April 14. (AP Photo/Philadelphia Police Department)
A New Jersey man was jailed after he intentionally vomited on an off-duty police captain and his 11-year-old daughter in the stands during a Phillies game, police said.
Matthew Clemmens, 21, of Cherry Hill, N.J., was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and related offenses for the incident at Wednesday night's Phillies-Nationals game. He was being held Friday on $36,000 bail.

Clemmens made himself vomit on an off-duty police captain and his daughter after a companion of Clemmens' was kicked out for unruly behavior, police said.

Clemmens retaliated by vomiting on Michael Vangelo, an off-duty Easton police captain, and his daughter, Philadelphia police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore said.

"It was the most vile, disgusting thing I've ever seen," Vangelo said Friday. "He has two fingers down his throat, he lunges forward and vomits on myself and my 11-year-old."
Vangelo said he tried to push his children safely behind him, and Clemmens punched him in the face. Four or five fans in the next section rushed to help, Vangelo said. They held him until police arrived _ someone punching Clemmens in the face as he tried to break free _ and an officer was also hit with vomit, Vanore said.

Clemmens' listed phone number is disconnected. the city of "brotherly love".........

Thursday, April 15, 2010

African Americans.......and Baseball

There are......a lot of "blacks" in Major League Baseball.   But.....few are United States born African Americans.    Latin players are plentiful......and yes......they are dark skinned.....but  they don't speak the language ......(English).   Thus........they.....are not  African Americans.


Many theories.....Today the best African American athletes go for football and basketball.   In the intercity,  it's much easier to get a basketball,  a court,  a net.......but baseball?   You need gloves.....and bats......and balls.......a with cleats...... and you need them for every player.   Cost money. is sad to see the state of baseball

Check this out from USA Today:

By Bob Nightengale,

USA TODAYFewer African Americans in MLB; All-Stars remain unsigned

MINNEAPOLIS — Major League Baseball is celebrating Jackie Robinson Day today. But 63 years after he broke the game's color barrier, the number of African-American players continues to suffer, with 9.5% of them making opening-day rosters, according to USA TODAY research.
"He would turn over in his grave if he saw the lack of African Americans playing ball," Minnesota Twins second baseman Orlando Hudson said.
MLB had its first increase in African-American players in 15 years in 2009 when the number climbed to 10.2%, according to the University of Central Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport. This year, though, there were 17 teams with two or fewer African-American players on their opening-day roster.
"It makes you wonder a little bit what's going on," said Hudson, who this week questioned whether racism was a factor in former All-Stars Jermaine Dye and Gary Sheffield being unsigned.
Dye has hit at least 27 home runs in each of the last five seasons but batted .179 after the All-Star break in 2009. He and Sheffield, 41, have turned down several contract offers.
MLB, which announced Wednesday that players and coaches will wear Robinson's retired No. 42 today as they did a year ago, says it hopes young stars such as Jason Heyward, B.J. and Justin Upton and Prince Fielder will help reverse the trend.
"We have more programs dealing with this issue than we ever had before," MLB spokesman Rich Levin said. "We continue to work very hard at increasing the number of African Americans."
Four African Americans are MLB managers, three are general managers and two are high-ranking officials in the commissioner's office.
"(MLB) will have you think things are better," agent and former pitcher Dave Stewart said. "It's not better. It's up to players to speak (out)."

The Play-offs........are here!!!!!!!!!! NBA Style

The season started....

Way back in October......82 determine 16 teams who qualify for the play-offs.  8 from the west......8 from the east.

It all starts Saturday.   The marathon NBA tournament .....which will not end until ...sometime in June.

 The series are all best of seven.   Cleveland and Los Angeles are #1 seeds.  The Lakers are the defending champs.

Grab a chair........get your HD TV......and enjoy the ride.

Here's ....this year's participants:

Thursday Headlines

You're Fired!!!   Life as a coach in the NBA is not known for job security:

Sixers fire Jordan as head coach
PHILADELPHIA, April 15 (UPI) -- Eddie Jordan, hired to coach the team last May, was fired Thursday by the Philadelphia 76ers. Philadelphia finished its season Wednesday with a loss to Orlando, a decision that left the Sixers with a 27-55 record and tied for 12th in the 15-team NBA Eastern Conference. Only five teams in the league had worse records.

"I just want to play some golf"........

Woods to play at N.C. PGA event

ORLANDO, Fla., April 15 (UPI) -- Tiger Woods, who just ended a lengthy hiatus from competitive golf, said Thursday he would play in a PGA event in North Carolina and in the U.S. Open.
Woods has committed to playing in the April 29-May 2 Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte, N.C., and the U.S. Open, the year's second major tournament, in mid-June at Pebble Beach, Calif.
"I'm excited about competing," Woods said on his Web site about Quail Hollow. "It's a wonderful venue and they always have a great field."
As to the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, Woods set a record with a 15-stroke victory in 2000, the last time the tournament was as Pebble Beach.
"It's always been one of my favorite courses," said Woods. "I can't wait to go back."
Woods returned to golf last week, finishing tied for a fourth at the Masters. That appearance ended a months-long layoff self-imposed after a series of extramarital affairs became public.

Is there anything else....we might learn.....from Milledgeville, Georgia?

Cop in Roethlisberger Case -- I Quit

The cop who first investigated Ben Roethlisberger for sexual assault has "resigned" in the wake of the release of a police report that shows he may have referred to the accuser as a "f*cking bitch" ... but TMZ has learned the cop didn't really have a choice.


We're told the Milledgeville Police officer -- Sergeant Jerry Blash -- turned in his resignation yesterday. He had been with the force for 8 years.

In the report, investigators claim that on the night of the alleged incident, Blash admitted that after he encountered the accuser, he may have made a comment similar to "this f*cking bitch is drunk" or "this bitch is drunk off her ass accusing Ben of assaulting her."

Investigators also report that on the night of the incident, Blash informed the accuser and her friends that "Roethlisberger has a lot of money" and if the women were to follow through with a police report, they "would be wasting their time."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Blash was given a lose-lose option -- resign...or be fired.

FYI -- Blash is the same guy who posed for photos with Ben hours before he was approached by the alleged victim outside the Capital City nightclub in Georgia. 

Yes.....there is...

Big Ben's Accuser -- The Bodyguard Set Me Up

Ben Roethlisberger's accuser told police the QB's bodyguard grabbed her by the arm and sat her in a secluded hallway in the Capital City nightclub -- setting the stage for the alleged rape


The Milledgeville Police Department released a copy of the accuser's written statement to cops on March 5 -- in which she told police that Ben had been making "crude sexual remarks" to her in the hours before the alleged incident.

In her written statement, the accuser said she and some of her friends had been bar-hopping with Ben and his crew before they ended up at Ben's VIP area at Capital City nightclub.

The accuser says when she arrived to the VIP area, Ben's bodyguard grabbed her by the arm and brought her to a "side door/hallway and sat me on a stool."

The accuser continues,  "[the bodyguard] left and Ben came back with his penis out of his pants. I told him it wasn't OK."

The accuser claims she tried to leave through a nearby door, which turned out to be a restroom. The woman claims she continued to tell Ben that "It was not OK," but he had sex with her anyway.

The woman told cops Ben "then left without saying anything."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Day.....News & Views

A few things.......we're following:

From GaPeach913:

Notre Dame Has First Black Valedictorian

A 21-year-old woman will make history May 16 at the University of Notre Dame

A Gary, Indiana native will make history next month as the first black valedictorian from the University of Notre Dame.
Katie Washington, 21, is a biology major and minor in Catholic social teaching with a 4.0 GPA.
“I am humbled,” said Washington to the Northwest Indiana Times. "I am in a mode of gratitude and thanksgiving right now.”
University officials said they couldn’t recall ever having a black valedictorian, and don’t keep record of their race.

Rihanna Cheers Matt Kemp's Home Run

While trying to go unrecognized in a blue hoodie and white shades, Rihanna cheered on her boyfriend Matt Kemp's home run at the Dodger's opening game in L.A. on Tuesday.

With the Dodgers beating the Diamondbacks 9-5, time will tell if RiRi really is their Kate Hudson good luck charm.

Thou shalt not carry weapons....and get caught:

Gilbert Arenas Gets Squashed in Halfway House

Washington Wizard Gilbert Arenas has his plate full during his 30-day stint at a Maryland halfway house -- and let's just say he won't be hurting for a well-balanced meal.


TMZ obtained the dinner menus for the Montgomery County Pre-Release and Reentry Center in Maryland where Arenas' fine dining options include: scalloped chicken, chicken parmesan, spinach lasagna, steamed carrots, squash, and ... vanilla ice cream. 

Arenas' sentence for his gun-slinging locker room standoff with a teammate began on Friday.

Have a great.....Hump Day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hide the Women & Children!

From GaPeach913.....

We are ......absolutely sure....the children of Dallas.....will be forever psychologically damaged......for seeing a bare breast....and a bare booty.

Are these people for real?   

Get a life........

It was a music video........Hello????

From YouTube:


High.......and ....Outside

President Barack Obama......through out the first pitch recently in Washington D C.

From GaPeach913:

Things ....We Learned......From the Week-end

Today......we feel smarter....for we learned a few things...

Holyfield, 47, Wins by Knockout

The 47-year-old former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield (43-10-2, 28 knockouts) knocked out 41-year-old Frans Botha (47-5-3) of South Africa with 2 minutes 5 seconds left in the eighth round Saturday night in Las Vegas. It was Holyfield’s first fight since Dec. 20, 2008. Holyfield still fighting?

Baseball is back!  The boys of summer have begun their marathon run.....of fun.   My beloved Atlanta Braves are 3-3.   Thus .....a .500 team.   No less. .....still ....Tiger.   Stripes don't change....Tiger Woods is ultra competitive.  And after taking 3 months off,  he shoots an 11 under par to place 3rd at the Masters.   And ....he drops a few "f-bombs" along the way.

Phil Michelson a great golfer......and a likable human.   We have new found respect for Phil.  His wife and mother are both fighting breast cancer.   And Phil continues to fight the demons that say he can't win the big ones.   Well,  yesterday.....Mr. Phil.....won the Masters.

This yellowish green dust.......known to us down here getting on my last nerve.

Spring is nice......don't you think?   75 humidity?

I'm smarter.....are you?

White Boy.......Gets off......Again

We all .....saw this coming.   No video tape?   No prosecution?   Only a white the deep south town of Milledgeville, GA.......could get away with a night of partying, drinking,  flirting....dancing with under-aged chicks.....fondling....sexually passes .......and not even get so much as a parking ticket.

Imagine that.   Then imagine if this was a black this southern town.

Enough said.

Ben Roethlisberger -- No Charges

0305_ben_roethlisberger_getty_95099599_bn.jpg Ben Roethlisberger will not be charged for sexual assault over an alleged incident on March 5 in Milledgeville, Georgia.

According to prosecutor Fred Bright -- the alleged victim wrote a letter on March 17, in which she stated that she no longer wanted to pursue the case.

During his investigation, Bright claims "everyone" agreed that both Ben and his accuser were highly intoxicated on March 5 when they went into the bathroom at Capital City nightclub.

Bright said there are still "significant questions about what occurred" in the bathroom ... but Ben will not be prosecuted.

Bright said after the alleged incident, the woman went to a local hospital where a doctor and two nurses examined her and found "a superficial laceration," bruising and bleeding in the genital area.

Bright said the woman told doctors "a boy kinda raped me" -- but Bright said the doctor could not definitively say if the woman's injuries were the result of a sexual assault.

Bright said Ben initially claimed that the woman fell and hit her head in the bathroom -- but after she arrived at the hospital, doctors found no trauma to the woman's head. After that, Bright says Ben's agent stepped in and said the quarterback wouldn't answer questions with an attorney present.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

On this Day.....

Today is Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today in
Sports History

1921 - The first live sports event on radio took place this day on KDKA Radio. The event was a boxing match between Johnny Ray and Johnny Dundee.

1940 - Andrew Ponzi set a world's record in a New York pocket billiards tournament when he ran 127 balls straight.

1947 - Jackie Robinson became the first black player in major league baseball history. He played in an exhibition game for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

1999 - Spain's José María Olazábal won the 63rd Master golf tournament.

2001 - In Johannesburg, South Africa, 43 people died during a stampede at a soccer match at Ellis Park stadium. Another 160 were injured.

Racism....Southern Style the deep south?   Say it ain't so.

But it is.......We blacks aren't the only ones the "good ole boys" have targeted.   Take a look.  Canton, Georgia.

Goodbye........Texas Stadium


Texas Stadium....that football arena....with the hole in the roof (So God could look in on the Cowboys).

Texas Stadium......home to America's Team since now just a heap of dust and scrap metal.

See the implosion....courtesy of YouTube:

Another Fool & His Money Part Ways

First it was....Antoine Walker....Now former NBA star, Derrick Coleman has blown $87 million.

Will our people ever learn?

Derrick Coleman is almost $5 million in debt

It's not a good time to be a hyper-skilled forward who never really made the most of their considerable talent. First, it was Antoine Walker(notes), his casino debts, and a short stint in Puerto Rico. Now, it's Derrick Coleman, failed business investments, and fur coats.
According to the Wall Street Journal's Bankruptcy Beat, Coleman has filed for bankruptcy and owes creditors $4.7 million, most of which he lost in failed attempts to stimulate Detroit's struggling local economy. His lawyer Mark B. Berke explained the reasons for Coleman's financial struggles.
"Mr. Coleman was focused on investing in various communities throughout the city of Detroit by developing real estate, creating jobs and revitalizing business opportunities," Berke said. "Due to the state of the economy, including the decline in the real estate market, Mr. Coleman's investments could not be sustained."
According to Basketball Reference, Coleman made more than $87 million during his 15 year career with the Nets, 76ers, Hornets, and Pistons. But now he has only about $1 million in assets, including a 1997 Bentley convertible, five fur coats, and $3,000 in jewelry. Not exactly appreciating assets.
Coleman's biggest debt comes from a $1.3 million lawsuit brought against him by Comerica Bank and a $1 million real estate loan from Thornburg Mortgage Home Loans. He also owes $50,000 to NBA Hall of Famer, and current Detroit mayor, Dave Bing.
Despite the filing, Coleman will be trying to keep both his Beverly Hills home, and the home that he bought for his mother, also located in Beverly Hills. Berke says that Coleman is "just hoping to get rid of that debt and make a fresh start."
They say that two is a coincidence, and three is a trend — someone needs to check on Billy Owens to make sure he's doing OK.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Been.....just a tad bit busy.... Keveekev is so sorry.....

We will be back.....soon.