Monday, February 28, 2011

Things ....We Learned......From the Week-end

In this small, southern, college town.....the temperature hit 80 degrees on Sunday.

And it's still February........which is why we would live no where else in the world.

A..."drop dead" ...gorgeous last 2 days.

Now.....on to what we learned.... 

Is it us?  Or  "Oscar" night....just boring now?

And The Oscars Go To... 


More turmoil the "Four Letter Network":

Howard Bryant Arrested

ESPN Baseball Writer's Shocking Arrest


A .....Serena sighting:

Serena Williams Cast Off

The Cast Is Off


Another....#1....bites the dust:

Virginia Tech Duke

UPSET: No. 1 Duke Loses Detroit?

Detroit Pistons Protest

Did Pistons Protest Against Coach?




Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Daily Zap

In case you missed last nights' games in ...."the association":

Friday, February 25, 2011

There's no "crying" Basketball!

These guys get on my last nerve.   Paid millions  to play a game......worshiped by fans and females.....

Given talent and size and speed.....

Can afford any luxury a man can dream of.....

And then?   You get traded?   And you cry?

This is not high school......not college......this is the NBA....a business.

Get over it......take your millions to the next town.....and play your ass off.

From the Huffington Post:

Kendrick Perkins Cries After Getting Traded: Celtics Emotional After Trade Deadline

Kendrick Perkins
Posted: 02/25/11 12:10 PM
Kendrick Perkins and his former teammates were emotional after learning that the Boston had traded the center to the Oklahoma City Thunder before the deadline on Thursday, according to CSN New England.

"There was a lot of crying, lot of hugging going on," Perkins said before his former team left to go play the Denver Nuggets. "And a lot of it was me."

Perkins, who had played for the Celtics for seven years, was dealt to Oklahoma City along with Nate Robinson in exchange for forward Jeff Green.

"I miss them," Perkins said. "I ain't gonna lie. I'm gonna miss the hell out of them. It's going to be hard leaving them behind, leaving this team behind and the fans and this city. But this is a business, and being traded is part of that business."

His Boston teammates were also upset with the trade.

"It's not even about a teammate. It felt like you lost a family member today," Kevin Garnett said after Boston's 89-75 loss to Denver. "Tough day."

Paul Pierce talked about trusting team president Danniy Ainge and coach Doc Rivers: "We trust in them. It is what it is. We can't use any excuses, cry over spilled milk."

Chart of the Day

The NBA  is getting bigger by the year.

Interesting reading from Business Insider:

CHART OF THE DAY: The Strange History Of Height In The NBA

Sometimes when you hear guys like Bill Walton waxing poetic about the NBA, one of the common themes is that there are not very many "true centers" left. You know, the back-to-the-basket, 15-rebounds-a-night bruisers. So with a guy like Shaquille O'Neal on his last legs, it left me wondering if the number of 7-footers in the NBA has changed in recent years.
In a word, no. As we can see below, the number of 7-footers in the NBA has remained relatively unchanged over the last 18-20 years.
7-Footers in the NBA

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hump Day.....News & Views

Wednesdays......sure seem to get here in a hurry.

Has it been 7 days?

Hump Day once again.

Some "things"........we're following:

Let's see what Sir saying:

Charles Barkley Carmelo Trade
Barkley Weighs In On Melo Trade
Young,  Black & Stupid........once again:
Alexis Wangmene Arrested

Suspended Basketball Player Charged With DWI


Cam........loves "him".......some "him":

Cam Newton Entertainer Icon



There is ....."jail-time"  in your future:

Barry Bonds More Evidence

More Evidence Submitted In Barry Bonds Trial


A mere......"Slap on the wrist"?   Even less....This is a "tap on the pinky":

Jim Calhoun Suspended

UConn Coach Punished For Recruiting Violations


What's up with our girl?

Serena Williams Nike Clash Of Champions

Serena Williams Withdraws Again


Well........let's  hope so!   Life without the NFL?

Charlie Batch Nfl Labor Negotiations

'Things Are Going Well Right Now'


Have a great Hump Day!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

On this Day.....

Today is Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today in
Sports History

1887 - The first minor league baseball association was organized in Pittsburgh.

1929 - The Boston Red Sox announced that they would begin playing games on Sunday.

1930 - Clint Benedict (Montreal Maroons) became the first goalie to wear a mask in the NHL. Benedict wore the mask temporarily during an injury.

1943 - Phil Wrigley and Branch Rickey chartered the All-American Girls Softball League.

1952 - Emmett L. Ashford became the first black umpire in organized baseball. He was authorized to be a substitute in the Southwestern International League.

1958 - Racing jockey Eddie Arcaro got win number 4,000, as he rode the winner at Santa Anita race track in Southern California.

1971 - Phil Esposito (Boston Bruins) became the quickest NHL player to reach 50 goals in a season.

1974 - Gordie Howe came out of retirement to play for the Houston Aeros with his two sons.

1993 - The New York Islanders retired Billy Smith's #31.

1993 - The Florida Marlins opened their first spring training camp.

1997 - Barry Bonds (San Francisco Giants) signed a contract worth $22.9 million over 2 years.

2000 - Garth Brooks began training with the New York Mets.

2002 - ESPN and the Liberty Bowl signed a contract that extended through 2008.

2004 - Defenseman Sergei Zubov (Dallas Stars) posted his 600th point.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let's Fire Jim Gray......Once and For ALL!!!

This guy.....Jim Gray.....just doesn't get it.

Remember the Pete Rose interview?   James Toney?   He thinks the story is all about him.

Now this......

Fire him now!


TV announcer booted after ugly incident

The Golf Channel sends Jim Gray home from a PGA tournament after he gets in a heated confrontation. » What happened 

 More memorable Gray  mis-interviews:


"Ballin"........Justin Bieber Style.

He ......Justin Bieber......didn't embarrass himself. 

In fact........he won the MVP trophy  of the NBA celebrity All-star game.

Little white boy can play.....

Boy got game!


Justin Bieber Snags MVP of NBA Celeb Game

Despite losing last night's NBA celebrity All-Star game, pint-sized hoopster Justin Bieber still managed to take home the MVP trophy with eight points, two rebounds and four assists.

Never say ... he can't play.

Friday, February 18, 2011

At the Break.....

It's .....All-star break time for the ......."Association".

San Antonio (46-10) is the best in the west....while Boston (40-14) leads the east.

Cleveland (10-46) is clearly the worst team.....while Chicago (41-15) is the surprise of the league.

The complete standings......courtesy of Yahoo Sports:

2010-11 NBA Regular Season Standings

 Eastern Conference Standings
 Atlantic W L Pct GB Home  Road  Div  Conf  Streak  L10 
 Boston 40 14 .741 -- 25-5 15-9 10-1 29-7 Won 2  6-4 
 New York 28 26 .519 12.0 15-12 13-14 6-4 18-11 Won 2  5-5 
 Philadelphia 27 29 .482 14.0 17-9 10-20 6-5 16-20 Won 1  7-3 
 New Jersey 17 40 .298 24.5 13-15 4-25 0-9 9-25 Lost 3  3-7 
 Toronto 15 41 .268 26.0 10-18 5-23 4-7 9-26 Lost 1  2-8 

 Central W L Pct GB Home  Road  Div  Conf  Streak  L10 
 Chicago 38 16 .704 -- 25-4 13-12 11-0 21-9 Won 4  8-2 
 Indiana 24 30 .444 14.0 15-12 9-18 5-6 16-18 Lost 2  7-3 
 Milwaukee 21 34 .382 17.5 13-13 8-21 3-6 14-15 Lost 1  2-8 
 Detroit 21 36 .368 18.5 14-15 7-21 5-3 14-19 Won 1  4-6 
 Cleveland 10 46 .179 29.0 7-19 3-27 1-10 7-27 Won 1  2-8 

 Southeast W L Pct GB Home  Road  Div  Conf  Streak  L10 
 Miami 41 15 .732 -- 20-5 21-10 8-2 28-8 Won 2  9-1 
 Orlando 36 21 .632 5.5 21-8 15-13 7-4 24-11 Won 2  6-4 
 Atlanta 34 21 .618 6.5 17-9 17-12 8-3 24-12 Lost 1  5-5 
 Charlotte 24 32 .429 17.0 14-14 10-18 3-7 14-21 Lost 1  4-6 
 Washington 15 39 .278 25.0 14-13 1-26 1-11 10-24 Lost 1  2-8 

 Western Conference Standings
 Southwest W L Pct GB Home  Road  Div  Conf  Streak  L10 
 San Antonio 46 10 .821 -- 25-2 21-8 7-3 29-5 Lost 1  7-3 
 Dallas 40 16 .714 6.0 21-8 19-8 6-5 23-8 Won 3  9-1 
 New Orleans 33 25 .569 14.0 20-8 13-17 6-3 16-18 Lost 3  2-8 
 Memphis 31 26 .544 15.5 19-8 12-18 3-6 17-16 Won 4  8-2 
 Houston 26 31 .456 20.5 15-13 11-18 3-8 16-21 Lost 1  4-6 

 Northwest W L Pct GB Home  Road  Div  Conf  Streak  L10 
 Oklahoma City 35 19 .648 -- 19-8 16-11 8-2 21-14 Won 1  7-3 
 Portland 32 24 .571 4.0 19-7 13-17 7-5 20-15 Won 6  7-3 
 Denver 32 25 .561 4.5 22-7 10-18 7-3 19-17 Won 1  4-6 
 Utah 31 26 .544 5.5 17-13 14-13 5-5 16-19 Lost 4  3-7 
 Minnesota 13 43 .232 23.0 9-19 4-24 0-12 5-30 Lost 4  3-7 

 Pacific W L Pct GB Home  Road  Div  Conf  Streak  L10 
 LA Lakers 38 19 .667 -- 19-8 19-11 8-3 21-11 Lost 3  5-5 
 Phoenix 27 27 .500 9.5 16-13 11-14 6-5 16-17 Lost 1  7-3 
 Golden State 26 29 .473 11.0 19-11 7-18 4-8 16-20 Won 3  7-3 
 LA Clippers 21 35 .375 16.5 16-14 5-21 7-4 14-21 Won 1  3-7 
 Sacramento 13 40 .245 23.0 7-22 6-18 3-8 8-25 Lost 2  3-7 

A "Kobe" the Max

Why we weren't invited.......we'll never know.

Would have been an interesting night.


Kobe Bryant's NBA Bash -- Not All VIPs Welcome

Kobe Bryant is hosting an ULTRA-exclusive Hollywood party during All-Star weekend -- but TMZ has learned everyone in the VIP section must pass a "screening process" before they'll be allowed near the NBA superstar Saturday night.


The party is supposed to be INSANE -- with organizers dropping roughly $50,000 to give Boulevard 3 nightclub an Asian-themed makeover in honor of Kobe enshrining his hands and feet at Grauman's Chinese Theater earlier that day. 

But not just any schmuck with a wad of cash will be allowed to get all schmoozy with Kobe -- event producer Jeru Tillman tells us they will have a vigorous screening process for anyone who wants to purchase a VIP table near Kobe's private section.

And for the fans who can't cross the VIP rope ... we're told there will be plenty of other cool stuff at the party -- including a 15-foot custom made dragon. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hump Day.....News & Views

If it's must be..."Hump Day".    In this small, southern, college town....the week is moving quickly.

So let us pause.........take a deep breath......and focus on some stories we're following:

Vick says to Opray?

Michael Vick Oprah
Vick Cancels Oprah Appearance
Talking trash........A reason to watch  Knicks-Hawks......tonight:
Amare Stoudemire Al Horford

All-Star Centers Take Shots At Each 


Donald Trump?   Remember the USFL?

Trump Mets

Donald Trump To Buy Mets?


A Tonya Harding sighting:

Tonya Harding Pregnant

Tonya Harding Is Pregnant


It is a ....nasty and disgusting habit:

Senate Democrats Mlb Tobacco

Senate Dems Want MLB To Outlaw Tobacco


It's all downhill from here......Have a great Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

O J........Still in the News......

O. J. Simpson is still newsworthy.......

So says the National Enquirer.........Turn your nose up all you want.....about that tabloid.....


They have been more right than wrong throughout the years.

As for O. J.? reap what you sow.......This is the ....."karma" coming back.  If this was indeed a beat-down...... O. J.   got what he deserved.

From Business Insider:

National Enquirer Says OJ Simpson Was "Brutally" Beaten Up In Prison

OJ Simpson

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Stuff".........From the Week-end

A quiet week-end in the sports world.......

However......we did manage to follow .......some ..."stuff".

This "kinder-gentler" boring....and not very good:

Tiger Woods Dubai

Tiger Falls Short


A new #1:

Wisconsin Ohio State

UPSET: No. 1 Team Goes Down


"I love me.....some me":

Carmelo Anthony Tip My Hat

'I Take My Hat Off To Myself'


Will this guy ever.......shut up?

Rex Ryan Next Year

Rex Ryan: 'Next Year I Know We'll Win It'


Now this embarrassing:

Demarcus Cousins Plane Kings

NBA Rookie Kicked Off Team Plane


Have a great........Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

On this Day.....

Today is Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today in
Sports History

1920 - The National Negro Baseball League was organized.

1923 - "The Renaissance," the first black pro basketball team, was organized.

1937 - The NFL's Boston Redskins moved to Washington.

1953 - The Oakland Athletics changed the name of Shibe Park to Connie Mack Stadium. The change was in honor of their longtime owner and manager.

1965 - Sixteen-year-old Peggy Fleming won the ladies senior figure skating title at Lake Placid, NY.

1973 - Frank Mahovlich (Montreal Canadiens) scored his 1,000th career point in the NHL


1977 - Julius "Dr. J" Erving played in his first NBA All-Star Game. He was voted MVP with 30-points and 12-rebounds.

1982 - Bryan Trottier (New York Islanders) scored five goals against the Philadelphia Flyers.

1983 - Marvin Gaye sang the U.S. national anthem at the NBA All-Star game.

  1. Videos for marvin gaye 1983 nba all star performance

1983 - The World Boxing Council became the first to cut matches from 15 to 12 rounds.

1990 - Bryan Trottier (New York Islanders) scored his 500th career goal in the NHL.

2002 - Bill Simpson filed a defamation suit against NASCAR for blaming a seat belt made by Simpson Performance Products for the death of Dale Earnhardt a year before. Simpson said that all he wanted was an apology, but when NASCAR refused he filed the suit.

Roger Clemens

2008 - Roger Clemens denied having taken performance-enhancing drugs in testimony before Congress.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Make the Baby? Make the Payments!

This is for all you men.......making babies.

There is a price to pay.   I know first hand.  

Just take care......of what you produced.  Planned or unplanned.

You will get served.......

Gilbert Arenas ....found out the hard way:

O SNAP! Gilbert Arenas Served Child Support Papers During Halftime!

You can run but you can't hide, literally. So ish just got more real and more embarrasing for Gilbert Arenas. The Orlando Magic baller was served those child support papers (the ones he's been dodging for weeks now) during halftime of Thursday's game against the Heat.

Read more about how he got served and how his baby mama 4 times over, Laura Mendoza Govan, is not letting him cut her out of what she feels she deserves...

The Queen Lives...

Out thoughts and prays have been with Aretha Franklin........the Queen of Soul.

She is alive .....and well.


Aretha Franklin Attends NBA Game

Aretha Franklin made her first public appearance in 2011, hitting up the MiamiHeat/Detroit Pistons game with Jesse Jackson in Detroit last night.

Franklin underwent surgery for an undisclosed ailment back in December. 

We Shouldn't.........Have!

But .......we did!

We posted a story about the 26 game losing streak of the Cleveland Cavaliers......

And just like that?   Poof.......the streak is history.

The Cavs.........have won a game.

And we can say.......we sort of helped a "karma" type way.

From Yahoo Sports:

Getty Images
The streak is snapped. The Cavs held off the Clippers in overtime to break a 26-game skid – the longest in NBA history.  

NBA Basketball
Fri, Feb 11
LA Clippers119Final

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bad Karma? Or Bad Team? Or Both?

The Cleveland Cavaliers  are making quite a case for LeBron James being perhaps the greatest player of his time.

For Cleveland actually won games with LeBron......made the play-offs.....and the finals.

Without James........this team is a pathetic bunch of losers.   The owner now looks foolish saying the Cavs would win a championship before LeBron.

Cleveland....the city.....should be thankful they got six years of Jame's services.......

Now they've lost 26 games in a row.


Bad Karma........bad team........

Statement from Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert addressed to Cleveland fans in the aftermath of LeBron James announcing he plans to sign with the Miami Heat:

Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters Wherever You May Be Tonight.
As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the very region that he deserted this evening, is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier.

This was announced with a several day, narcissistic, self-promotional build-up culminating with a national TV special of his “decision” unlike anything ever “witnessed” in the history of sports and probably the history of entertainment.

Clearly, this is bitterly disappointing to all of us.
In the meantime, I want to make one statement to you tonight:


You can take it to the bank.

Now comes the bad karma......and the losing:

Saturday, Dec 18 Knicks W 109-102 8-19
Monday, Dec 20 Jazz L 90-101 8-20
Wednesday, Dec 22 @Hawks L 84-98 8-21
Sunday, Dec 26 Timberwolves L 97-98 8-22
Tuesday, Dec 28 Magic L 95-110 8-23
Wednesday, Dec 29 @Bobcats L 92-101 8-24
Saturday, Jan 1 @Bulls L 91-100 8-25
Sunday, Jan 2 Mavericks L 95-104 8-26
Wednesday, Jan 5 Raptors L 105-120 8-27
Friday, Jan 7 @Warriors L 98-116 8-28
Sunday, Jan 9 @Suns L 100-108 8-29
Tuesday, Jan 11 @Lakers L 57-112 8-30
Friday, Jan 14 @Jazz L 99-121 8-31
Saturday, Jan 15 @Nuggets L 99-127 8-32
Wednesday, Jan 19 Suns L 98-106 8-33
Friday, Jan 21 Bucks L 88-102 8-34
Saturday, Jan 22 @Bulls L 79-92 8-35
Monday, Jan 24 @Nets L 101-103 8-36
Tuesday, Jan 25 @Celtics L 95-112 8-37
Friday, Jan 28 Nuggets L 103-117 8-38
Sunday, Jan 30 @Magic L 87-103 8-39
Monday, Jan 31 @Heat L 90-117 8-40
Wednesday, Feb 2 Pacers L 112-117 8-41
Friday, Feb 4 @Grizzlies L 105-112 8-42
Saturday, Feb 5 Trail Blazers L 105-111 8-43
Monday, Feb 7 @Mavericks L 96-99 8-44
Wednesday, Feb 9 Pistons L 94-103 8-45

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hump Day.....News & Views

No no.....not again!   

This small,  college,  southern town is gearing up for...yet another "wintry mix". 

Enough already!

Spring can't come soon enough....We're tired of you...Mr. Winter.

It is a "Hump Day" here's some "stuff"....we're following......for you:

We absolutely.....don't care!

Eliza Kruger Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez's Alleged Relationship With 17-Year-Old Girl: Do You Care?


Somebody's got to pay:

Fans Sue Super Bowl Seat Issue

Super Bowl Lawsuit: Fans Sue Over Seat Issue


Sure Tiger.......We'll believe it .....when and win again:


Tiger Win Championships

Tiger: I Can Still Win Golf Tournaments

 A-Rod continues to be a whinny little punk:
Alex Rodriguez Ballistic

Report: A-Rod 'Ballistic' Over Popcorn Video


"'s the key to the city........Ooops ...My bad.....give it back":

Michael Vick Tom Leppert Dallas

Michael Vick Gets Key To City; Mayor Locks Him Out getting what they deserved....for bashing LeBron:

Cavs Mavericks

New Rock Bottom


Have a great "Hump Day"!!!!!!!