Thursday, November 1, 2007

Not a way to Start your Free-Agency

“The one thing I wanted to make sure was explained is, no steroids. I never took nothing like that before in my life. That would be 50 games, and that would affect me a whole lot more.” –Mike Cameron

San Diego Padre gold glove winning center fielder, Mike Cameron has been suspended by Major League Baseball for violating the leagues' drug policy. Cameron tested positive for a banned stimulant for the second time which will cost him the first 25 games of the 2008 season. ( Cameron fails drug test ) Courtesy of the San Diego Union Tribune.

Our question to Mike is simple......How the name of Ray Kroc .....would you allow this to happen... twice? Cameron is not a kid. He will turn 35 in January. He has put in 13 years playing for 4 major league teams. See stats (Mike Cameron Statistics -

Cameron's explanation:

"After all of the analysis and testing, I can only conclude that a nutritional supplement I was taking was tainted,” he said. “Unfortunately, the actual supplement is gone, and therefore cannot be tested. Without the actual supplement in hand, the rules are clear, and I must accept the suspension.”

Yep......that really clears it up for us. We are to believe the supplement he was taking has miraculously disappeared from the face of the traces. We feel bad for Mike because he was and is still regarded as one of baseballs nice guys. Our problem with Cameron is the total lack of good judgement with regards to taking anything that might be even remotely borderline in today's culture.

Major League Baseball Stimulant Rules:

First violation: Mandatory random testing.

Second violation: 25-game suspension.

Third violation: 80-game suspension.

Fourth violation: Commissioner's option, with lifetime ban subject to review.

Every player is to be tested at least twice: once in connection with spring training physicals and once unannounced during the season. In addition, no matter how many times a player is tested, he can be subject to an additional random test. Testing also can be done in the off season.

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