Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brave New World....Again

Okay...alright...Our beloved Atlanta Braves are leading the NL East by 9 games.  And it's almost August.

Just 56 games left.

But all of us know....what's happened in the past.  Even though Atlanta just swept the best team in all of baseball (St. Louis)...for Braves fans....we have a wait-in-see attitude.

Been here before...See you in October.

From the AJC:


Andrelton Simmons
Dale Zanine

Braves rally against Rockies

Andrelton Simmons hit a walk-off triple to give the Braves an eventful win against the Rockies. | Photos
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 Top need meet, Braves continue to monitor market
 Johnson staking claim in NL batting chase

Monday, July 22, 2013

Skyview....is ..."No View"

Sorry...but we just don't get it.

Atlanta's new 200 foot ferris wheel opened last week.

A 15 minute ride... for roughly $15.

They say the gondolas are air conditioned.   So is the Peach Tree Plaza Hotel...which ...by the way towers over this little ferris wheel.

Check out the picture.  This thing is dwarfed by several dozen Atlanta skyscrapers.

Want to really see the ATL?

Try going up on Stone Mountain.   This is a ferris wheel better suited for a county fair.


We still don't get it. 

Things We Learned...From the Weekend

Tis' the rainy season in this small southern college town. 

 To borrow a quote from Forrest Gump, "We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin' rain... and big ol' fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. Shoot, it even rained at night...

 It has rained so much lately...I could have sworn I saw Noah...trying to rebuild the Ark.

Anyway....here's what we learned over the past couple of days:

Tiger still can't find..."it":

By The Numbers: Tiger's Major Drought Continues
Tiger Woods

Sir Charles...We respectfully disagree with you:

Barkley Agrees With Zimmerman Verdict

Charles Barkley Zimmerman

Big boy college football lives in "Sweet Home Alabama:

Alabama's New $9 Million Football Facility Is Like Something Out Of MTV Cribs

Fountains, pool tables and dozens of TVs.

He must of thought it was a "Georgia Dawg":

Thought so.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Why We Love...Our President!

Unless you are a black...African-American male....you could not...and will not ...ever know that feeling.

Most of us ...are so different from the black youths of today...them...with the sagging britches ...underwear showing..."hoodie" wearing.

But there is not a black man alive who has not gone through what President Obama said happened to even him.

Being black means we get special attention.   Walk down the street...White folks move to the other side.

Go shopping in a mall...without wearing a business suit.  See what happens.  "Can we help you?"  A clerk will ask.   What they are really saying is,  "We're watching you....so you don't steal from us."

I have seen it...I have lived it.   And so happy to have a President...that understands it.

From the Huffington Post:


Obama Addresses Race In Surprise Speech... 'If Trayvon Martin Was Of Age And Armed, Could He Have Stood His Ground?'... Discussed Speech With Friends And Family For Days, Gave It Without A Teleprompter... FULL TRANSCRIPT


We know it has been a while...

For that ...we apologize.   There have been some computer problems...problems with the google blogger...Firefox problems...Internet Explorer problems...

You name a problem? 

We had that problem!

Hard to believe our last post was over two weeks ago.

And that post came from North Carolina...on one of 6eVoices's many computers.

Well...well....well....What's been going on in this crazy world we live in?  When we last spoke....Our girl, Paula Dean was getting into trouble for using the "N" word ...30 years ago.   She compounded the situation by stupidly appearing on all those network morning shows.

Some good news...Paula?  

My brother and my daughter...didn't throw away their Paula Dean cookware.  Them still some good pots and pans!

The other major story we have missed commenting on is the George Zimmerman case.

Out take is simple.   Trayvon Martin...would still be alive today...if Mr. Zimmerman had heeded the police dispatcher's call for him to stay in his vehicle....and not pursue.

 Now...a young life is gone...Mr Zimmerman's life is pretty much gone.   We have a country divided.  

Should have stayed in the car...George!

And with that.....

We're back!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This is no Longer your Father's Boston Celtics!

First Doc Rivers leaves....then the Celtics trade Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Nets...

And...to top it off ...today Boston announces the hiring of a new coach.

Wow....we didn't see this coming.

From the Huffington Post: