Saturday, November 24, 2007

Let the Firing......Begin!!!

God......How we love other people's miseries. But.....isn't this fun? Two big time colleges severed ties with coaches who didn't get the job done.

Ole Miss fired Ed Orgeron today following the Rebels 17-14 loss at Mississippi Friday. Orgeron was 10-25 (3-21 in SEC games) in his 3 year reign. Ole Miss wen 0-8 in conference games this year. Those geniuses in Oxford......the ones who hired Orgeron.....are getting exactly what they deserved. They fired David Cutcliffe who had amassed a 6 year record of 44-29. 44-29! At Ole Miss! And after a 4-7 2004 season, he's shown the door? This was Orgeron's first head coaching job after stints as assistant coach at Miami, Syracuse and USC. It is believed to be a small buy out for Ole Miss.....around $500,000.

This year the Rebels had plenty of off the field troubles. Most recent, the highly publicized probation of 20 players for stealing radios and pillows from hotels, totally about $780.

Over in Lincoln, Nebraska.......Tom Osborne, the legendary Corn husker coach and now interim Athletic Director, lowered the boom on head coach Bill Callahan. Callahan had a respectable record (27-22), but was only 3-10 against top 25 teams. It was embarrassing loses in the last 4 years that led to Callahan's demise. In 2004, Texas Tech beat the 'Huskers 70-10, in the worst defeat in the program's 118 year history. This year, Kansas defeated Nebraska 76-39, in a game that wasn't even that close. Yesterday's 65-51 loss to Colorado sealed the deal speculated all season.

It will cost the University $3.1 million to buy out Callahan's contract which runs through the 2011 season. Callahan was NEVER a Nebraska guy.......period! His first act of foolishness was boldly saying he would "flip the culture". That meant dumping the triple option offense employed by Osborne and installing the West Coast offense. After all his first year as coach of the NFL's Oakland Raiders.....he went all the way to the Super Bowl. Though fired by Oakland in 2003, Callahan still was quite confident in his abilities. But Nebraska was a different culture....Anyway....he'll still get paid.

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