Monday, May 31, 2010

A Memorial Day Re-post

From 2 years ago:

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ultimate Price

As we observe another Memorial Day, let us pause to remember the soldiers in so many wars who gave so many of their lives. Too often, we take our armed forces for granted. And if it means a Holiday has to be created for us to remember be it!

A closer look all those casualties... From Wikipedia:

Wars ranked by total deaths

Rank ↓ War ↓ Years ↓ Deaths ↓ Deaths per Day ↓ Deaths per Population ↓
1 American Civil War 1861–1865 625,000 599 1.988% (1860)
2 World War II 1941–1945 405,399 416 0.307% (1940)
3 World War I 1917–1918 116,516 279 0.110% (1920)
4 Vietnam War 1964–1973 58,151 26 0.003% (1970)
5 Korean War 1950–1953 36,516 45 0.002% (1950)
6 American Revolutionary War 1775–1783 25,000 11 0.899% (1780)
7 War of 1812 1812–1815 20,000 31 0.345% (1810)
8 Mexican-American War 1846–1848 13,283 29 0.057% (1850)
9 Philippine War 1899–1902 4,196 5 0.006% (1900)
10 Iraq War 2003–present 4,079 2.34 0.001% (2007)

That is an awful lot of lives lost for causes..........good ....and bad. In their memory..........we offer salutes.......

Sunday, May 30, 2010


In the desert last night......the Los Angeles Lakers disposed of the Phoenix Suns,  111-103,  to win the NBA western conference.

And that man.....Kobe.....went


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taking Care .......of Business

Three .......Superstars......will always beat one....superstar.'s over in the east.    Boston's big 3.......beat Orlando's ...1.

Boston moves on.....avoids the "choke of the century".

It's all in the math.......3 is greater than 1.

So simple.

Orlando Magic no match for Boston Celtics, end season with Game 6 loss

Magic vs. Celtics
Vince Carter scored 16 points in the Game 6 loss. (Gary W. Green, Orlando Sentinel)

R.I.P. Dennis Hopper.....

Dennis Hopper Dies

Dennis Hopper died at his home in Venice, CA today. He was 74.

We're told his family was by his side when he passed.

Hopper had recently been suffering from prostate cancer and going through a difficult divorce from his wife Victoria.

Hopper is best known for starring in the 1969 classic "Easy Rider."

Our best memory of Mr. Hopper.....comes from this Quentin Tarantino movie....

True Romance......

Remember this scene?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Janet Shows Out......

Yes....she definitely still has!

In case you missed......American Idol ....the other night....Here's......Janet:

A Tragic Ending....

A tragic  a tragic life.


Gary Coleman Dies

Gary Coleman has died as the result of injuries he suffered earlier this week, the hospital tells TMZ.

We've learned Gary's wife, Shannon, made the decision to pull life support early this AM.

We're told Coleman died at 12:05 PM MST.  He died of a intracranial hemorrhage.

Family members and close friends were at Coleman's side when life support was pulled.

He was 42.

As TMZ first reported, Coleman was rushed to a hospital in Utah after he fell and hurt his head. He was on life support since Thursday.

There will be a press conference at the hospital at 3:00 PM PT.

A rep for Coleman released this statement: "Thanks to everyone for their well wishing and support during this tragic time. Now that Gary has passed, we know he will be missed because of all the love and support shown in the past couple of days. Gary is now at peace and his memory will be kept in the hearts of those who were entertained by him throughout the years."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's .......Kobe.....Time

Should the Lakers be worried?

We think not.   The Suns .....are who we thought they were.

Great at home.....lousy on the road.

We think....the Lakers will still win this series...but....

The "Tinseltown Natives"........are reading the Los Angeles Times:

Lakers look for another high 5

Lakers look for another high 5

After losing two games on the road, they've reached a crucial point in the series against the Suns, a game in which they have done well in recent years.

Suns may be tied, but they're leading by a nose

With Steve Nash as the face of the underdogs, Suns are giving Lakers a series in what could be their last stand with this roster.

A Choke.....of Epic Proportions.....

This could get......very ugly in Boston.

Celtics hurtin’ for certain

Magic cut advantage to 3-2

By Mark Murphy
Thursday, May 27, 2010 -

ORLANDO, Fla. - Coach Doc Rivers said the Celtics [team stats] made it tough on themselves by losing Game 4, but this is where the true muddle begins.
The C’s lost two important members of their Dwight Howard defense in last night’s 113-92 Game 5 loss at Amway Arena to the Magic, who have climbed back to within 3-2 in the Eastern Conference finals after dropping the first three games. Kendrick Perkins [stats] was lost in the second quarter following his sixth and seventh technical fouls of the postseason, then Glen Davis departed with a concussion at the end of the third after taking a Howard elbow to the mouth and losing a tooth.
The theme continued when Marquis Daniels left with a concussion early in the fourth, which was followed by an Orlando run-off against a downsized Celtics team that seemed to take their cue from Davis and Daniels.
The biggest blow was the one delivered to Perkins, who faces a one-game suspension for going over the NBA’s six technical foul postseason limit, though the team is sure to appeal the damning call made by referee Ed F. Rush.
Add in a recurrence of back trouble that sent Rasheed Wallace to the locker room, and for the Celtics, for all of their health issues during the regular season, never has an exodus from the floor been more pronounced.
“It will be our Game 7. We can’t come back here,” Ray Allen said of Game 6 tomorrow night at the Garden.
The Celtics also can’t continue to defend this way.
The C’s troubles set a nice backdrop for a signature performance from the Magic, who shot 13-for-25 (52 percent) from downtown, hitting seemingly every open shot, and once again fed off the aggression of Jameer Nelson, who finished with 24 points (4-for-5 on 3-point attempts) and five assists. “Our goal was five (Magic 3’s),” Rivers said. “They played a great game tonight, but a lot of the 3’s they had were also extra effort plays. The biggest was (Matt) Barnes’ 3 when we cut it to six in the third. He gets an offensive rebound - we don’t close out - there were five seconds on the shot clock, and he gets the 3 and gets them comfortable again.
“They are a great team when they get a lead, because then those 3’s are easy. And I thought we never supplied any pressure to them in the game tonight. We made runs, but no real pressure.
“It’s very difficult to score when you’re taking the ball out of bounds every time.”
Rashard Lewis opened the fourth quarter with his most prolific run of the series, scoring Orlando’s first seven points against a small Celtics lineup. Daniels, poked in the eye while being called for traveling and also diagnosed with a concussion, joined Perkins and Davis in the locker room.
The game descended into a mess of physicality from there, with the Magic parlaying Lewis’ hot opening spurt into a 15-4 run that put the C’s to bed.
Wallace became the fourth Celtic to leave the game, this time with six fouls, after delivering a hard foul to Jameer Nelson. The back issue sent Wallace to spend the game’s final moments with Perkins, Davis and Daniels.
The C’s will seemed to have left the floor long before that.
Like it or not, that will has re-emerged on the Orlando side of the floor.
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A "Different Stroke"

Gary Coleman Hospitalized in Utah

TMZ has learned Gary Coleman is currently hospitalized in Utah -- and we're told he's in critical condition.

Sources tell us Coleman was admitted yesterday -- after he was transported from his home in Utah around 12:50 PM.

Coleman's brother-in-law tells TMZ Coleman suffered a head injury after a fall.

Coleman suffered what was said to be a seizure while doing a TV interview back in February. Coleman was also hospitalized in January after he suffered what a friend described as a seizure.

Story developing ...

A Shocker.......from New Orleans

NFL Star Jeremy Shockey Hospitalized

New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey was rushed to a local hospital earlier today after an incident at the team's practice facility, TMZ has confirmed.

According to local reports, Shockey was suffering from "seizure-like symptoms" while inside the team weight room.  

A league source told WGNO that Shockey was able to walk to the waiting ambulance without assistance.

Shockey was hospitalized right around this time last year after he was found unconscious at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. A rep said at the time Shockey was "dehydrated."

Story developing ...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Night at the Movies

How many of these have you seen?   Or remember?

Hump Day.....News & Views

If it's must be "Hump Day".

And ......we're following.......the following:

The Lakers are in a fight....

Suns 115, Lakers 106

Gritty Suns Get Off Mat and Tie Series

Phoenix made 11 3-pointers and controlled the inside to win Game 4 of the Western Conference finals.

A Tiger......comeback?

Tiger's latest comeback: Memorial Tournament

Chicago Breaking Sports - Tribune - Jeff Shain - ‎27 minutes ago‎
Tiger Woods' balky neck is sufficiently healed to return to competition at next week's Memorial Tournament. Woods confirmed Wednesday that he wil defend his crown at Jack Nicklaus' signature event -- an appearance he rarely misses but ...
Memo to pro athletes....."Keep it in your zipper"

Silvia Mena Sues Redskins Star Albert Haynesworth

TIME - Chris Gentilviso - ‎1 hour ago‎
The NFL veteran's latest offseason troubles revolve around a paternity problem with an exotic dancer. The New York Post reports that Brooklyn, NY-based Silvia Mena is suing Haynesworth for $10 million.
Happy Trails.......Art Linkletter....

Veteran TV host Art Linkletter dead at 97

Reuters - Sam Mircovich, Bill Trott - ‎49 minutes ago‎
Television personality Art Linkletter walks through the Hollywood Pictures Backlot at the opening of Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, California in this February 8, 2001 file photo.

Judge dismisses photographers' lawsuit against Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen

USA Today - ‎46 minutes ago‎
A New York judge threw out a lawsuit by two photographers who alleged they were attacked in Costa Rica during the wedding of Patriots QB Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.
You think?????

Bristol Palin: Getting Pregnant at 17 Was "Humiliating"

Us Magazine - ‎1 hour ago‎
"[I was thinking], 'Great, I'm 17 years old, I'm 40 pounds overweight with a big belly on me, all my friends are at school watching this on the news,'" she tells the June issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Finally........from the gulf.......oil and water......just don't mix:
The BP mess....just gets "worser" by the day...


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things ....We Learned......From the Week-end

In this small,  southern,  college town.....

 The week-end....gave us graduations.....end of school days.....NBA play-offs........MLB inter-league play.......Hockey play-offs.....Nascar....and......a hint of summer.

Things we learned:

Boston and Los Angeles.....will .....again play in the NBA finals.

The Atlanta Braves.....won 5 in a row....and are now in 2nd place.

The Cleveland Cavaliers ....fired their coach.

B P.......has an ugly....oily....mess on their hands in the gulf coast.

Lena Horne.....has died.

 The Super Bowl....will be played in New 2014....outdoors.

Jose Lima.......former MLB all-star pitcher....has age 37.

An interesting week-end....Have a great week!


French Open.....Tennis Match....or...Fashion Show?

Venus Williams.......

Oh made quite a statement at the French Open the other day.  Or should we say,  you made quite a fashion statement.

For your eyes.......only:


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Janet........Still.....has ....."It"

Yes....Janet Jackson....still turns us on......

Even with......the

FAB CHICKS: Janet Jackson On London's Red Carpet+Zoe Kravitz Kicks It With The Roots

Janet Jackson looked fabulous in London tonight as she's showing off her fresh new cut. It's the red carpet UK premiere of Why Did I Get Married TOO?. And both Janet and Tyler Perry are across the pond celebrating with the British.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

She doesn't ......Turn us on.....

Not .....very attractive.....

At least not to us....

What was Delonte  thinking?


Gloria James is in the news because of a baseless rumor involving LeBron James' teammate Delonte West. King James scolded his mom during the Eastern Conference semifinals, which his Cleveland Cavaliers ultimately lost to the Boston Celtics. Scroll down for pictures of Gloria James.

What.......was Delonte.......thinking?
She.......ain't all ....that.
Not even.....a little.

The Rumor........Gets More ....Interesting....

LeBron's......Mom.......and .....Delonte West?

From ....."The Young, Black, & Fabulous":

Hall Of Famer CONFRIMS Delonte West Is Tapping Lebron's Mama?!

After Lebron and Gloria James' lawyer issued a cease and desist letter for sites posting that Glo and Bron's teamate Delonte West are getting it in, someone else has confirmed it.  NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy is a correspondent on ESPN radio, and yesterday, he went in about the situation--and confirmed that the story, despite the denials, is indeed true.

We've got his audio and more details about the affair when you read on...

Calvin said Lebron was hurt because everyone knew about the relationship but him.  And get this: Calvin also revealed that Mr. West wasn't the only teammate of Bron Bron's that was tappin' Mom Dukes.  Oh snap!  Calvin said:
It ain’t no rumor.  It's absolutely true and absolutely...horrifying. Unfortunately, my sources in the NBA tell me that it’s absolutely true. My sources, and they’re legit, tell me that the only people that didn’t know it was happening was LeBron and ME.”
Peep the audio below:

A "Walk-off".....Grand Sam

Let's hear it ......for those Atlanta Braves.    For the 2nd straight game.....those Braves have won a game in their last at bat....

Today........a "walk-off" ......grand slam!

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

A 9th-inning nightmare
The Atlanta Braves scored seven runs in the 9th inning, capped off by a walk-off grand slam by Brooks Conrad that went off the glove of Laynce Nix, to beat the Reds 10-9 this afternoon.

And.....from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves feed

Curtis Compton,

A grand 9th-inning comeback

The Braves put together a rally for the ages, highlighted by Brooks Conrad's grand slam.

Final123 456 789 RHE

  W: Kimbrel (1-0)   L: Cordero (1-3)
  Cin HR: Votto (10) Nix (2)
  Atl HR: Conrad (3)
Preview | Box | At the Park | Recap

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hump Day.....News & Views

If it's Wednesday.......It must be "Hump Day".

And if it's "Hump Day".......

We have a few views........on the news.

Is this Magic?   Or ....Are the Celtics for real?

  It's only "pot" ....Why all the fuss?   Seriously....we never heard of this guy....until today:
Knicks' Chandler ticketed for pot
NEW YORK, May 19 (UPI) -- The New York Knicks' Wilson Chandler was ticketed for allegedly holding a small amount of pot after being pulled over in a traffic stop, police said Wednesday. The New York Post reports the 23-year-old forward was given a desk appearance ticket for the misdemeanor charge after police searched his car in the Queens borough Tuesday night. The search took place after officers allegedly smelled marijuana coming from Chandler's Mercedes Benz, the newspaper said.

The Braves......finally beat the Mets:
ATLANTA, May 18 (UPI) -- Pinch-runner Brent Clevlen scored the game-winning run on David Wright's throwing error Tuesday, giving the Atlanta Braves a 3-2 win over the New York Mets.

Draft Lottery 2010:
NEW YORK, May 19 (UPI) -- The Washington Wizards won the top selection in the 2010 NBA Draft and are expected to take Kentucky freshman John Wall or Ohio State's Evan Turner.
Old white men...& Corvettes....&  ex-NASCAR driver......don't mix:
SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., May 19 (UPI) -- Former professional race car driver James Neal has pleaded guilty to reckless driving for leading police on a 140 mph chase in California, authorities say.
Congrats.....Uconn women:
President Obama welcomes the 2010 NCAA champion University of Connecticut women's basketball team in Washington DC.

Have a great........."Hump Day"!