Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Game They Play on Ice

We are not Hockey fans....But we are a sports blog.   So let's give the NHL some love.  The play-offs are about to begin.

So...a quick briefing of the league...courtesy of Wikipedia:

Current season or competition:
2013 Stanley Cup playoffs
05 NHL Shield.svg
Sport Ice hockey
Founded November 26, 1917,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Commissioner Gary Bettman
Inaugural season 1917–18
No. of teams 30
Country(ies) Canada (7 teams)
United States (23 teams)
Continent North America
Most recent champion(s) Los Angeles Kings (1st title)
Most titles Montreal Canadiens (25)[nb 1]
TV partner(s) Canada: CBC, NHL Network, RDS, TSN
United States: NBC Sports Group, NHL Network
Official website NHL.com

From the Huffington Post:

Monday, April 29, 2013

At Least...One "Leg"...is Working

No stopping the hormones of a 20 year old male.  Last time we saw Louisville guard, Kevin Ware...he had just suffered a gruesome broken leg injury.

Leave it to our friends at TMZ.com to find out about his sex life:


4/29/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Louisville Star Kevin Ware
My Leg Is Broken ... But
My Sex Life Is Just Fine!

042913_kevin_ware_launch_v2There are a lot of things Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware can't do since suffering one of the more gruesome injuries in sports history ... but he told our photog yesterday in DC ... he can still get down with the ladies.

And really ... that's all that matters, right?


Things We Learned From the Week-end

In this small southern college town....the rain has finally subsided after two miserable days of dreary weather.

We are smarter this Monday,  for things we've  learned over the last 72 hours.

The L. A. Lakers.....are not very good:

Lakers' Season Ends In Sweep


Nate "The Great"...had a huge game:

The Nate Robinson Game

Nate Robinson

Tim Tebow....was a great college player...Let's leave it at that...

Jets Cut Tebow

Tim Tebow

That Mike Tyson sure is entertaining:

Mike Tyson: An Ex-Girlfriend Ate One Of My Pigeons

Mike Tyson Pigeon Ex

So there!  Smarter?

Coming Out of the Closet?

They say if you live long enough...you're bound to see everything.  Today we have a professional athlete...coming out.

In the "Macho Man" world of the NBA...Jason Collins has come forward to reveal...his gayness.


We're not....statistics bare out it was just a matter of time before gays started admitting it publicly.

We admire his courage...but we do have a few questions.  Mr. Collins, did you just turn gay?  Or have you been gay for awhile?  Are you currently in a relationship with another man?  Do you go both ways?

Mr. Collins may have come out of the closet....but the skeletons remain.

From The Huffington Post:


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Will The Real Hawks ....Come Forth?

Our Atlanta Hawks...are working on our last nerves.  They play so bad on the road...but so good in the ATL.

No...they won't win this series ...but it is entertainment.


Game 3: Pacers at Hawks

Hawks rout Pacers and are back in series

Atlanta went with its big lineup and beat Indiana in a 90-69 rout.  The Hawks are down 2-1 in the playoffs.

MJ...Does It....Again

I don't know...I Just don't know.   I have been married...divorced.   Met a lot of women.  Been with a lot of women.

I once thought I was in love.   Being ..."in love" ...doesn't necessarily means you actually love the individual.   And...you can love someone...without..."being in love".

Making no sense?

Clarification try....I love my ex-wife...the mother of my daughter...but I'm not in love with her.   Which leads us to marriages and divorces.

Michael Jordan has been married ...divorced.   Now he wants to try this marriage thing once again.

And once again...we ask,  Is he in love?   Or...does he really love her?


NBA Greats Look On As Jordan Marries Long-Time Girlfriend

Michael Jordan Marries

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Very Tough Loss

It's early in the baseball season...but loses like this really hurt.


Braves denied sweep by Colorado, lose 6-5

Colorado Rockies' Wilin Rosario (20) slides in to score the winning run on a single by Yorvit Torrealba against the Atlanta Braves during the 12th inning of a baseball game, Wednesday, April 24, 2013, in Denver. The Rockies won 6-5.
Even Atlanta closer Craig Kimbrel blows saves from time to time.

Read more here: http://www.macon.com/braves/#navlink=subnav#storylink=cpy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hump Day News & Views

In this small southern college town....the weather is simply delightful!  We kind of like this sunshine...no humidity...pleasant temperatures.

 The boys of summer are playing baseball...sort of...The Atlanta Braves and the Colorado Rockies played in the coldest game ever...23 degrees at Coors Field yesterday.  Imagine that.  A baseball game played...below freezing.  And...in Miami, a hockey game was played...and the outside temperature was...83 degrees.

Something is definitely wrong with our planet.  Global warming aside.....we are seeing some interesting weather.  

But...enough already...let's "hump":

Why don't they just legalize...prostitution...A man's got his needs....right?

Browns LB Arrested In Prostitution Sting

Lb Prostitution Sting Quentin Groves
We just love ...our Upton Bros

Braves' Bros Go Back-To-Back

A Jaguar with new uni's is still a Jaguar...Thus they still will suck:

LOOK: Jaguars Unveil New Uniforms

Jaguars Uniforms
It's a Wednesday....it's a Hump Day....
You have a great one!

Monday, April 22, 2013

"Stuff"...From the Week-end

Picture perfect weather in this small southern college town...Temps in the 70's...no humidity.  Just pleasant.

Now,  some "stuff" from the week-end we followed:

 Revis now a "Buck":

Revis Island Relocated

Darrelle Revis

Poor, poor Iverson:

Iverson Hits Rock Bottom

Allen Iverson

Big Poppy drops an F-bomb:

David Ortiz: 'This Is Our F--king City'

David Ortiz

WATCH: Emotional Pre-Game Ceremony At Fenway


 Al....you should know better:

Al Michaels Busted

Al Michaels Arrested

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Serena Sighting...In South Beach

TMZ. com....should be ashamed of itself.   

But....we like!   We like!


Serena Williams
Hits Rock Bottom in Miami!

0416_serena_williams_INFSerena Williams made a complete ass of herself in Florida ... in a beautiful way.

The ridiculously fit tennis legend managed to safely pour all of her luscious buxom lady parts into an industrial strength black and white bikini in Miami on Monday.

With her champion badonkadonk workin' overtime, no one was injured when the bootylicious 31-year-old got high and waisted for a photo shoot on the beach.

Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian can pack it up, because Serena will always win ... in the end.

R.I.P. ...Pat Summerall

We grew up watching Mr Summerall.  What a talent.  Our thoughts are with the family.

Pat Summerall
Dead at 82

Breaking News

Pat Summerall
-- a staple on CBS and Fox Sports who famously called NFL games with John Madden -- is dead at 82 ... a Fox Sports exec tells TMZ.

Pat -- a former NFL star kicker with the Detroit Lions -- was inducted into the American Sportscasters Association Hall of Fame in 1999.

Summerall called the Super Bowl in 1982, the highest rated Super Bowl of all time. 49% of the country tuned in to watch the 49ers defeat the Bengals.

Summerall called 16 Super Bowls.

Cause of death has not been revealed.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Clean Sweep

Yes....we know it's early in the season....but the Atlanta Braves sent a message to MLB and the Washington Nationals.

A three game sweep...in the "Nats" backyard.

While we're giddy and happy...we must pause and remember...there's 150 more games to be played.

From the Washington Post:

Braves wrap up a tidy sweep of Nats

Nats' shortstop Ian Desmond strikes out against the Braves Sunday.
Gio Gonzalez endures the worst start of his Washington tenure and the Nationals absorb a sweep-sealing demolition.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hump Day News & Views

We are suffering in this small southern college town.  It's raining pollen...People with swollen eyes and stuffy noses are all around us.   Sinus infections?  Yeah!  Constant sneezing?  Yeah!

In all my years....I have never seen the pollen count this high.  Our cars are yellow with this stuff.  It's blowing in the wind.

You go outside....and wow!   Yellow pollen dust goes up your nostrils.   Your head aches.  Your lungs congest...I personally have had 3nose bleeds...within the hour.

But...it is ...Hump Day.  So.....let's ....hump:

Ho hum...UConn wins another women's title:


Uconn Louisville

UConn Routs Louisville To Win 8th National Title


Not a bad week  'eh?


Best Week Ever

Rick Pitino

MORE: Rick Pitino Tattoo Ideas



The 25 Dumbest Rules In Sports

Howard Free Throw

Have a great rest of the week.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Things We Learned From the Week-end

Spring...has sprung in this small southern college town.   Temperatures in the 70's......no humidity.

Post-card perfect weather.  A lot has happened over the past couple of days.  Here's a few things we learned.

Getting fired....just may help your bottom line:

Fired Rutgers AD Still Getting $1.2 Million, An iPad And More In Settlement

Tim Pernetti

MORE: Chris Christie Defends Rutgers President


Miami fans are unforgiving....

Still Angry!

Marlins Home Opener 2013 Fans Angry
The Knickerbockers have found their "niche"


Knicks Thunder

Sister Acts...are no fun for Venus:

Sister Routs Sister

Venus Serena

Smarter?  Thought so.  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Georgia Wins! And Loses!

Okay....if you must press the issue...The University of Georgia football team played their annual spring game at Sanford Stadium yesterday.

So depending upon how you care to view it...it could be a win....or it could be a loss.

Anyway, here's the Augusta Chronicle's account of the event:

Offense, defense see bright spots on G-Day

ATHENS, Ga. - On a picture-perfect Saturday when temperatures reached the lower 70s, Georgia fans could take away positives from both sides of the ball from the annual G-Day Game.
By Marc Weiszer

Sixty-Four Years Ago...

On this day way back in the year 1949...Jackie Robinson...made history.

And now history has made him.

From the Macon Telegraph:


Read more here: http://www.macon.com/#storylink=cpy

A Family Affair

Great game at the "Ted" last night.   The Braves trailed 5-4 going into the bottom of the 9th.

Then it was ..."Upton" time.

From the AJC:

braves win

Upton brothers homer in 9th, stun Cubs

The Braves tied the game with B.J. Upton’s lead-off home run in the bottom of the ninth and won 6-5 when brother Justin hit his homer. | Box score

And Then There Were Two

Two weeks ago...this madness known as March began.  68 teams...then 64  when those ridiculous play-in games were done.

Then 32....and the sweet 16.

The Elite 8!

The Final 4!

And now?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Another Sign...The Apocalypse is Near

A 67 year old grandmother...her 72 year old husband...and the 19 year old grandson.

Where are we in today's society....when a granny and a kid....conspire to kill another family member...for ....a few bucks?

This is sad and disturbing.  With all that's wrong with the world....we have this?


From today's Chicago Tribune:

Read this...

Grandmother, grandson charged in killing of grandfather
Janet Strickland, (Left) and William Strickland have been charged with first-degree murder.
A 64-year-old woman has been charged along with her grandson in the slaying of her 72-year-old husband, who was killed on his way to dialysis treatment, police said.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Paying His Debt...

Our man Wesley Snipes is a free man...well almost.   Mr. Snipes has been paying his debt to society and the IRS since December of 2010.

From our friends at TMZ.com:

Wesley Snipes
Released from Prison

0405_wesley_snipes_01Passenger 57 is no longer Inmate #43355-018 -- TMZ has learned Wesley Snipes has been released from prison.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons tells TMZ ... Snipes was released on April 2 and transferred to the New York Community Corrections Office, which will oversee his home confinement.

Home confinement (aka house arrest) will end July 19.

Snipes checked into McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania back in December 2010 after he was convicted for failing to file federal income tax returns.

Let this be a reminder ... you've got 10 days left, people!!!

Fox News...Misses the Point...Again!

We don't watch Fox News.  But...we have friends and informers that do.  And once again the talking stiffs at Fox were the same old right wing republican spokespersons blaming the left and the democrats for this Rutgers coach getting fired...for being quite stupid.

Leave it to our guy Jon Stewart to set the record straight:

WATCH: Jon Stewart Rips 'Fox News' Response To Fired Rutgers Coach


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Surprise, Surprise...Surprise!

Really?  A big time SEC college football power... is accused of cheating?

Surprised?  We're not.  And as is the norm in these cases...the players and coaches are long gone.


Auburn Football Team Accused Of Bribing Players And Changing Grades In Bombshell Article

Auburn Football Team Accused Of Bribing Players And Changing Grades In Bombshell Article
This could get ugly.
Read »

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You're Fired!!!

What an idiot...and the bigger idiot we think is the Athletic Director himself who really was made to look foolish on ESPN's First Take Yesterday:..

Monday, April 1, 2013

And Then There were Four

Doe's your bracket look anything like this?  Mine doesn't:


Welcome Back....MLB

No this is not an April Fool's joke....The boys of summer are back.  This marathon of a season that makes each team play 162 games.

Wow...welcome back guys: