Saturday, November 17, 2007

Around the NBA

Week three in the NBA gave of some thrilling games, a still unbeaten team, a breakup and makeup, a welcoming back, some career high scoring and ....finally .... a Golden State win. Not necessarily in that order. We will review that week that the baller's league.

Boston is the only undefeated team standing. The Celtics trio of
Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen have averaged 22.0, 21.6 and 20.4 points respectively. Garnett leads the league in defensive rebounds with 11.9 and is fourth in total rebounds, averaging 13.6 per game. Boston has played 5 of there first 8 games at home in the comfort of the Garden and struggle last night before holding of the Miami Heat, 92-91.

Welcome back Dwyane Wade! Wade, in his first game back against the Celtics, played 38 minutes, scored 38 points and dished out 6 assists. His presence seemed to inspire Shaquille, who had his most productive game of the season. Shaq scored 17 points and grabbed a team high 9 rebounds. The Heat (1-8) have only the win against the Knicks 75-72 in a game that featured offensive lows for both teams.

Speaking of the Knicks....Seems that Isiah Thomas and Stephon Marbury have kissed and made up. In their much publicized feud over playing time last week, the two seem to have patched things up.

Golden State Warriors won a game. It happened last night against the Clippers. Al Harrington led the way with 27 points in a 122-105 Warrior victory.

Nice come back....Philly! The Sixers trailed the Portland Trailblazers by 25 in the second quarter and 22 in the third. That is when Louis Williams and Andre Iguodala took over with there respective A games. Iguodala scored a team high 22 points, while Williams scored 19.....all in the second half. The Sixers (3-6) came away with a 92-88 improbable victory over the 4-5 Blazers.

Another Wilkins Highlight Show.... No....Not Dominique.....not his brother, Gerald. Meet Damien, the son of Gerald and nephew of Dominique. Last night in front of his home town family and friends, the younger Wilkens directed, starred in and produced his own high light reel. With a dazzling array of shots, Wilkens lit up the Atlanta Hawks for a career high 41 points in a 126-123 win that took 2 overtimes to determine the outcome. Wilkens was undrafted after playing his college ball at Georgia. He worked hard and signed a free agent contract with the Sonics in 2004 . Damien is now entering his 4th NBA season and is having the best stats of his career.

5 on Five's Weekly Top 5:

1. Boston (8-0)
2. Orlando (8-2)
3. Detroit (6-3)
4. Toronto (5-4)
5. Cleveland (5-5)


1. San Antonio (8-2)
2. Utah (7-3)
3. Phoenix (7-2)
4. New Orleans (8-2)
5. Denver (6-3)

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