Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hump Day: Bad News... Good News... Bad News

So you think you have had a bad break in life?

Imagine being wrongfully accused and convicted of raping a 12 year old girl... Bad News!!

Fast forward 18 agonizing years to the wonderful science of DNA which CLEARS you!! Because of the state's grievous error, you are awarded $360,000 for your suffering... Good News!!

Before you can wrap your mind around all that is happening to you are sued for back child support for the 18 years you were in prison for a crime you DID NOT commit... Bad News!!

One man, Dwayne Allen Dail does not have to imagine it... this is the story of his life! Dail was wrongly convicted of a 1987 rape and spent 18 years in prison only to be summoned court for back child support by Lorraine Michaels, his son's mother.

Hmmmmm.... Do you think Lorraine would be willing to give up 18 years of her life and spend them behind bars while Dwayne raised the baby on his own?
She could then have the whole &@%! $360,000!

I would bet my pension that Dwayne would have been happy to trade his past 18 years with Lorraine's 18 years of raising their son... FOR FREE!!!

Greed without compassion... Is there no limit?!?
Keep the faith Dwayne and son!!!

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