Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chicago....Cools...the Heat

Oh has come to an end...The Miami Heat had a 27 game winning streak come to an end last night at the hands of a short handed Chicago Bull team.

Might be a blessing in disguise for the Heat all that pressure of the win streak is off and they can now concentrate on the more important issue:  winning another championship!


Bulls Heat

Bulls Snap Heat's 27-Game Winning Streak


Monday, March 25, 2013

Who the Hell is ...FGCU?

FGCU?   Florida Gulf Coast University....Who are they....and why are they in the sweet 16?

We don't know.  But what we do know...they can play some basketball.  And...they can dunk a basketball.

Just ask Georgetown... And San Diego State.

Let us introduce you to the Eagles.

Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida Gulf Coast University Logo
Seal of Florida Gulf Coast University
Motto "Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom."
Established 1991
Type Public
Endowment $57.1 million[1]
President Wilson G. Bradshaw
Provost Ronald Toll
Academic staff 500 total: 336 instructional and administrative faculty, 164 adjunct faculty (2006)
Admin. staff 681
Students 12,683[2]
Undergraduates 11,594[2]
Postgraduates 1,089[2]
Other students 435[2]
Location Fort Myers, Florida, USA
Campus Suburban Area
760 acres (3.08 km²), of which 400 acres (1.6 km2) is dedicated as a nature preserve
Colors Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green
Athletics NCAA Division I, ASC; 6 men's varsity teams / 9 women's
Nickname Eagles
Mascot Azul the Eagle
Affiliations AACSB, SACS, SUSF

WATCH: The Dunks Of Florida Gulf Coast University


Tiger Roars Back!

It took a while...But Tiger Woods is once again the number 1 golfer on the planet.

In the aftermath of a failed marriage....a fired caddy...a new swing coach...a new girlfriend...

Eldridge (Tiger) Woods...has vaulted back to where we once knew him.  That all intimating ...all world....all everything golfer...he and his dad groomed him for.

He is indeed...back! be Fired

It has happened again.  Big time college basketball coach...given his walking papers.

This time it is a friend of ours...Tubby Smith.

Big time coach....small minded school in Minnesota.

Minnesota...your mistake.  You just let go one hell of a coach.

Tubby Fired

Tubby Smith

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hoops Before "Hoes"?

This is too funny...

From our friends at


Kris Humphries
I Chose Basketball
Over Kim's Depo

0321_kris_humphries_getty2_articleKris Humphries is true to the adage, Hoops before Hoes ... and that's precisely why he was a no-show at Kim Kardashian's deposition.

You'll recall ... Kris' lawyer, Lee Hutton, talked about Kris' constitutional right to look Kim in the eyes as she testified under oath about their short-lived marriage.

So why, you ask, did Kris miss that golden opportunity? Sources close to the BBaller tell TMZ ... Kris had practice and travel obligations Tuesday, as Kim sat for her marathon, 9-hour depo. He had just finished a game Monday night in Michigan, had practice Tuesday and was traveling later that day to Dallas for a Wednesday game.

We're told Kris is adamant about one thing -- attending the May 6 trial, even if it conflicts with the playoffs. So hoes don't always come in second.


Read more:
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Harvard Has a Basketball Team?

Indeed they do...And they will move on in the tournament with a shocking upset!

Harvard Wins Its First NCAA Tournament Game Ever, And They Weren't Even Supposed To Be Good This Year

Harvard Wins Its First NCAA Tournament Game Ever, And They Weren't Even Supposed To Be Good This Year
Harvard shocks the world.
Read »

Let The Madness Begin!

The madness know as March...has begun.   College basketball NCAA tournament started with a bang yesterday. 

Two major upsets...some close calls...and some thrilling games:



No. 14 Harvard Stuns No. 3 New Mexico In Historic Upset.. NCAA Roundup: Gonzaga Survives.. VCU Wreaks HAVOC.. 5-(PAC)12 Upsets.. Davidson Blows It.. Burke vs. Wolters Fizzles

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Can You Say...24 in a Row?

The on.  Make 24 straight now for Miami.

Courtesy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer:


LeBron James, in his fourth trip back to The Q since leaving, led the Heat with a triple double -- 25 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists -- as Miami improved to 53-14.  Read more »

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And "The Heat"...Goes On

I think we said it here before...The Miami Heat...are for real.  23 and counting.

Heat 105, Celtics 103

Heat streak reaches 23

Trailing by 17, the Heat beat the Celtics in Boston for its 23rd win in a row — the second-longest streak in NBA history.

Read more here:

Tiger Loves Himself...Some ...White Women!

Some people never learn.  Tiger Woods is dating ....again.  And in typical Tiger form...Mr. Woods goes after the hottest, whitest, blondest, female on the planet.

Whatever...Tiger.   You just had a marriage with a hot, white, blonde.

That marriage ended.  You lost millions in endorsements and divorce.  And you are still seeking that white fulfill your needs.

We can't tell Tiger who he can date...who he wants to be with.   But we can say this: didn't work out the first time.  What makes you think this one will be any different?

Tiger, Tiger.....Our advice?

Get yourself a nice black woman.   One that shuns the spotlight and publicity.  One that will love you for!

Just our thoughts.

Tiger, Vonn Make It Official

Tiger Woods Lindsey Vonn

Monday, March 18, 2013

22 in a Row! Heat Check!

Arguably...the most loved and hated team on the planet.  The Miami Heat....

And they just keep on winning.

Heat 108, Raptors 91

Miami Heat beats Toronto Raptors, extends winning streak to 22 games

Heat Raptors
The Miami Heat were pushed by the Toronto Raptors in the third quarter, but outside shooting helped the Heat match the NBA’s second-longest winning streak ever at 22.

Read more here:

If You Don't Have the Proof....

A big high five is due to our man Michael Jordan.   Seems this female who brought a paternity suit against "MJ" ....for a child fathered 16 years ago...has had second thoughts and has withdrawn her suit.

Mr. Jordan, a fierce competitor on the basketball court....counter sued this female.  

Obviously,  she had no proof.   She was going after the money.

Good for you Michael!

From the AJC:

Michael Jordan
Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

Paternity suit dropped

Metro Atlanta mom had claimed her 16-year-old son was fathered by NBA great Michael Jordan.
Lawsuit sought paternity test
 Celebrity paternity rumors, lawsuits

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Not...Above the Law

This story is both interesting and disturbing.  A high profile High School football program...underage drinking...alcohol abuse...and rape.

And to top it all off....a cover-up?  By the local police?

Here's the reported by BBC:

Steubenville Ohio school footballers guilty of rape

Trent Mays (l) and Ma'lik Richmond in court, 15 March 2013 Some locals said members of the football team thought they were above the law

Related Stories

Two high school football players in the US state of Ohio have been found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl.
Trent Mays, 16, and Ma'lik Richmond, 17, attacked the girl after a drunken party in the town of Steubenville. Both wept as the verdict was read out.
The case came to light via text messages, online videos and social media posts made the morning after, attracting nationwide attention.
The two were sentenced to at least a year in juvenile detention.
Mays was sentenced to another year for taking pictures of the naked victim, and the judge said both might stay in detention until they reach 21.
The case was thrust into the national spotlight after attention by bloggers and the hacker activist group Anonymous.
Some claimed that the community - including local police - had sought to cover up the crime to protect the accused, who were members of a celebrated high school football team.
Protesters in masks outside the court Online activists brought the case to national attention amid allegations of a cover-up
The case focused attention on teenage alcohol abuse and highlighted the increasing use of social media as evidence in court, the BBC's Matt Wells in Washington says.
Last August, Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond left a party with a 16-year-old girl and sexually abused her, first in a car and then at a friend's house.
The victim was so drunk she had no memory of the attack, but prosecutors said she had been "treated like a toy".
There was no physical evidence, but details of the evening emerged from text messages, tweets and humiliating photos posted on the internet by the attackers and other party-goers.
The case caused a bitter divide in Steubenville, a small and economically depressed former steel town that had immense pride in its high school football team, known as the "Big Red".
Some of the witnesses were friends of the accused who gave evidence against them in return for immunity from prosecution.

A Book Signing...At a Church?

Yes...Michael Vick finally got his book signing event. wasn't Barnes & Noble.  They cancelled the event because ignorant people sent death threats to Vick and the Barnes & Noble employees.

So....Enter the World Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia to save the day.

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback visits Stone Mountain church

Michael Vick signs book

Hyosub Shin
Former Falcons quarterback Michael Vick signs copies of his book at Victory for the World Church in Stone Mountain on Saturday.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Introducing...Steven Jackson

Our Atlanta Falcons wasted little time ...replacing running back Michael Turner.

The "Dirty Birds" just signed Pro Bowler Steven Jackson.

Jackson, formerly of the Saint Louis ...simply ..a beast!

Welcome to the ATL....Mr. Jackson.

Falcons introduce Atlanta to Jackson

The Birds' new star running back, Steven Jackson, has fans looking forward to the new season.
 In his own words: 'I've been blessed'
 Jeff Schultz: Falcons now a destination team

Monday, March 11, 2013

The State of UGA Basketball

Yes ...this is a football school. is secondary.  But I watched this game live.  Georgia gave their all...had a chance to win at the end.

And then this.

Seems Georgia made a deal with the "football gods"....they're a pretty premier program.

But...the "basketball gods"....seem to frown upon Athens when it comes to winning meaningful games.

Take a look at this fiasco:


WATCH: Miracle Shot Lifts 'Bama

Trevor Releford

Things From the Week-end that Was

Interesting week-end in this small, southern, college town.  The weather was simply "drop dead" gorgeous.  No rain...temps in the 70's....

Grilling weather.  And man did I grill!   Perfect conditions.  No cold...shucks,  there weren't even any annoying flies.

So I did beef ribs,  sausage, chicken, sliced turkey drumsticks....and topped  it all off with grilled shrimp kabobs.  Threw  in a pot of black-eyed peas...and you might as well say...we had a feast.

But that was then.  Now, we embark on a new week.

Some "stuff"....from the week-end that was:

Chipper a Yankee?   Really New York...really?

Brandon Knight needs a group hug:

WATCH: DeAndre Jordan Posterizes Brandon Knight

Jordan Dunk

Tiger is still the best golfer...on the planet:

Tiger Cruises To 76th PGA Tour Win

Tiger Woods

Don't look now...But the Lakers...are a coming:

Lakers Move Into Playoff Position

Lakers Bulls

Will the Heat ...ever lose ...again?

The Streak Continues

Heat Pacers

It is what it is....
Hope you had a great week-end!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings Time....Again

My least favorite time of year....

A re-post from years past:


Daylight Savings Time.....

To be quite blunt.......Daylight savings time sucks! Tomorrow....check at 2 am we will set our collective clocks forward 1 hour. Why? Our time pieces in our body will have to adjust needlessly for this ridiculous attempt to cheat mother nature.

How......exactly....... are we .......saving......daylight? And.....what are we saving daylight from? Is .....daylight ..... in danger? Does......daylight.....need to be rescued? Oh, my bad. We're not saving the daylight from an unknown enemy........We are saving daylight........for future use. So....should we freeze it ........or can it? Or put the daylight in a bank ....and earn interest.

Now, personally, I happen to like daylight. And for years now, I have done what most Americans have done for the last 30 years.......In March........I save an hour..........of daylight.
Only to give it back in October! And when I give it back........I have no return on my investment. I just........don't get it. Spring forward...........fall backward......why? And for.......whom?

Daylight.........could care less.......In a 24 hour day..........daylight shines for how ever many hours.......regardless if we humans manipulate a doggone clock.

Meanwhile.........the moon is watching all of this........and thinking........."Hey....what about "moonlight" savings time....... We want equal representation". We too..... want to be saved.

Imagine that..............then again.......just set that darn clock ahead that hour of daylight........and be a zombie for a few days before your body adjusts......

Daylight Savings Time............


Friday, March 8, 2013

A "Dog Day"...Night

Strange night.   A Georgia basketball team beat Kentucky.   The big blue.  The defending National Champs.

The University of Georgia views its men's basketball team as an after thought.  Something to bide ones time before the main course....FOOTBALL.

Georgia is a mediocre a so-so conference.

But hey...they beat Kentucky:


Finish with flourish: Georgia tops Kentucky in last home game

The Kentucky Wildcats that visited Stegeman Coliseum Thursday night won't be found ranked in the top 25.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Fool...and His Money

Allen Iverson was an exceptional basketball player.  Gifted with speed, quickness.   Played every game as if it were his last.

For this we applaud you, Mr. I.   But your sense of business?

How can you make millions....and lose millions more?

Why wasn't there anyone in the "posse"....that merely suggested, " Hey Mr. I....why don't you put a little in a savings account...and say... make 6%?

Or buy some land....or rental property?

Or invest in companies like IBM or Microsoft?  Instead of buying gold chains and cars and clothes?

But here we are ...Mr. I.

You are so....broke!

From Business Insider:

The Bank Is Selling Allen Iverson's Foreclosed Home In Atlanta For $2 Million

allen iverson house
Jeff Fusco/Getty Images/

Allen Iverson is broke despite making more than $150 million during his career. Because of his financial issues, the bank has foreclosed on two of his homes.
 Most recently, Iverson's home in Atlanta was foreclosed on and now the bank is selling it for $2 million, according to

Iverson's home in Atlanta has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool, and a beautiful outdoor porch area.
In March 2011, Iverson lost his home in Colorado to foreclosure.


Things We Learned From the Week-end

We sure are smarter this Monday.   Why?  Just some stuffed we learned over the past couple of days.

Kobe still has...."it":

WATCH: Kobe Bryant Throws Down Over Josh Smith


HIGHLIGHTS: Lakers Back To .500

The Miami Heat...are having a good time...being the best:

WATCH: Heat Deliver Wild 'Harlem Shake'

Heat Harlem Shake

You can't take pictures of "uppity" golfers:

Serena Gets In Trouble

Serena Tiger

"A women's  Apparently not in the NFL:

LOOK: Female Kicker Makes History ... Quickly

Lauren Silberman

Smarter?   Thought so.