Friday, November 23, 2007

Sometimes......a a good thing

Mike Singletary has turned down an offer to become the head football coach for Baylor University. We applaud him. Singletary, inducted into the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1998, is currently an assistant head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Singleton cited "philosophical differences" that would have prevented him from taking the job. "They asked, 'Are you comfortable with letting your staff coach your team while you're speaking and doing other thing?' " Singleton said. "No, I'm a coach. I'm not a politician."

Singleton's decision means there will still be only 6 Black head coaches in Division 1 College Football. He would have joined Randy Shannon (Miami), Ron Prince (Kansas State), Sylvester Croom (Mississippi State), Turner Gill (Buffalo), Tyrone Willingham (Washington) and Karl Dorrell (UCLA)......The latter, who more than likely will be fired at season's end.

A 6" 0", 230 pound linebacker who played college football for his home town Baylor Bears, Singletary went on to a storied 12 year career with the NFL's Chicago Bears. He earned the nickname "Samurai Mike" during his professional years in recognition of the intimidating focus and intensity he displayed on the field.

We feel Singletary has earned the right to pick and choose the right job for he and his family. So many others would have jumped at the chance to coach at their Alma Mata. But Baylor? Since 2000, the football bears have a regular season record of 26-66. They have not had a winning season since 1995 when they went 7-4. In 1980, Singleton's senior year, Baylor won 10 games for the only time in school history. And playing in the Big 12, they are considered "little brothers " in the eyes of Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska.......etc. At a distinct recruiting disadvantage, Baylor is ....what they are. A nice academic institution.....with a lousy football program.

Mike Singletary deserves better.....he has had head coaching interviews with NFL teams Atlanta, Dallas and San Diego. No need to "take a job" just because it's open. Mike......keep working diligent........your time will come.

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