Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Chat.......

Normally, on Sunday mornings we give you headlines from around the country. But since the college football regular season ended last week, there are so few banner headlines.....lets just chat.

The Heisman is a joke. The Media's love affair with Tim Tebow game to a climax last night when Tebow was named this years' Heisman Trophy winner. For the second straight year, Darren McFadden traveled all the way from Arkansas to New York City, just to see the award go to someone else.

Don't look now.......but do you realize if the NBA play-offs started today......the Atlanta Hawks would be the 7th seed in the eastern conference? No joke! The Hawks (the youngest team in the league) are really not that bad this year. But play-offs? The Hawks?

Good hire....Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets hired Paul Johnson away from Navy. Johnson will bring his "triple option" offense with him as well as his 105-39 career won -- lost record. His Georgia Southern teams won back to back national titles in 1999 and 2000. Question is......can that triple option .....which runs the ball nearly 86% of the in a BCS conference? We shall see.

These Mountaineers are for real......Unlike the West Virginia Mountaineers --- the one's who choked big time last week --- the Mountaineers of Appalachian State are in the championship game for the third straight year after beating Richmond 55-35 in the Division 1-AA semi-finals Friday. You remember App State.....Michigan sure does. It was way back in September when the 5th ranked Wolverines shocked the world by losing 34-32 to App State. Against Richmond, Mountaineer quarterback Armanti Edwards put on a spectacular show, rushing for 313 yards, passing for 182 yards, and accounting for 7 touchdowns. Wow!!! And .....he didn't get a single Heisman vote.

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