Friday, December 28, 2007

Around the NBA....................

As we near the completion of 1/4 of the NBA season.......

From ????

The Boston Celtics
won their 24th game last night against the Seattle Supersonics to maintain the leagues' best record at 24-3. The Celtics are 14-1 at home and 10-2 on the road. The original of Boston's new big three, Paul Pierce, scored a season high 37 points while Kevin Garnett chipped in 23 and snagged 14 rebounds as the Celts held off a pesky Sonic team, 104-96. Last year it took Boston all 82 games to garner 24 wins. This year it only took 27. Barring injuries, a complete collapse or an act of God.......The Celtics will be battling the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Thou Shalt not trade thy Superstar..........

Two of the worst teams in the NBA, the Sonics and the Minnesota T-wolves were involved in off-season deals in which they both traded away their superstar. The Sonics shipped Ray Allen to Boston and the Wolves sent Garnett to B-town also. Judging the early returns......both teams got screwed. Minnesota is 4-23 while the Sonic aren't much better, at 8-21. Meanwhile, the rumor mill is still beating the "Kobe will be traded " drums. Note to Lakers........Hold on to your may not like him.....but you won't go 20-62 either.

Coaching casualty.........already???

Scott Skiles was the first coaching casualty of the season when the Chicago Bulls fired him after a poor start ( 9-16). The move came as a mild surprise considering Skiles' moderate success: He had led the Bulls to three consecutive play-offs and has a career coaching record of 281-231. The Bulls named assistant coach Boylan to lead the team for at least the remainder of this season. Makes you wonder what those guys in New York are know.......with Isiah and all that losing the Knicks are doing lately. Skiles is regarded as a "great young basketball mind" with coaches around the league.....however, he had problems dealing with certain NBA veterans, most notably, one Ben Wallace.......he of the headband.....which Skiles despised.......loosen up Scottie.

First look at All-Star 2008........

The first votes are in for February's All-star game. In the East, the guards have Dwyane Wade ahead , followed by Jason Kidd and Vince Carter. Kevin Garnette and LeBron James are locks for the forward positions. Celtic leading scorer, Paul Pierce is a distant 4th. At center, Dwight Howard has a 2 to 1 lead over Shaquille O'Neal.

In the West, the top 2 forwards are Carmelo Anthony and Tim Duncan, with Dirk Nowitzki just a hair behind. The guards include Kobe Bryant.....and the rest. Tracy McGrady, Steve Nash and Allen Iverson will battle for the second spot. At center, Houston's Yao Ming has twice the votes as his nearest competitor, Amare Stoudemire.

Most votes so far? That would be Mr. Garnett (1,186,690), Mr. James (1,005,733) and Mr. Bryant (941,746). The game will be played in New Orleans on February 17, 2008. Get those votes in.

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