Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hump Day Thoughts......

Locking up a #2 pick.......The NFL has completed 3/4 of it's season and the bottom teams are all fighting .....non-fighting for draft positions next spring. The winless Miami Dolphins have locked up the #1 pick but there is a battle between four 3-9 teams that include the Atlanta Falcons, the San Francisco 49ers, the St. Louis Rams and the New York Jets. Each team could conceivably lose their final 4 games. Interesting side note --- The 49ers traded away their pick to the New England Patriots, leaving the Falcons, Rams and Jets to jostle for that #2 pick. Look for those lovable, losing Falcons to blow it and win 3 of 4 down the stretch.

The National League just got a bit more boring......Major League Baseballs' Detroit Tigers pulled off the biggest trade of this years' winter meetings by trading six prospects to the Florida Marlins for Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera. Willis brings his charismatic personality and premier left arm to the American League, while Cabrera is one of the finest hitters in baseball. It's no wonder the American League wins every All-star game, dominates inter-league play, and has won 4 out the last 6 World Series.

Is Isiah still coaching the Knicks?

Adios Amigo........As expected, UCLA head football coach Karl Dorrell was fired after a 5 year run with the Bruins. Dorrell, only one of six Black head coaches out of 119 Division 1 schools, has decided not to coach the team when they play BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Must read article........Leonard Pitts, Jr. is a columnist with the Miami Herald......Interesting read: `Murder is the greatest injustice of all'

Boxing is officially dead.......Boxing, as we know....and once knew it is dead. And if we needed further was announced today the heavyweight division will unify the championship by having the IBO champ meet the WBO champ in a Feb. 24 bout. If you can pronounce these guys know from whence they came.....If you even care......It's IBF champ Wladimir Klitschko versus WBO champ Sultan Ibragimov.............Serious! can't make this stuff up.

And finally.........everyone will sleep at night now knowing that 47 pit bulls seized from Michael Vick's dog-fighting operation were recommended for placement with rescue organizations by the dogs' court appointed guardian. Court appointed guardian? For dogs? Jeezzzz!

And finally......finally.....Thanks to the guys at & Brady

These two have.......just a tad bit different outlook on life. You think?

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