Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Morning Moanings

The BCS Gods have spoken. In the final poll, the BCS has selected Ohio State and LSU as it's numbers 1 and 2 teams. The Buckeyes were expected to move into the top spot when #1 Missouri and #2 West Virginia both lost on Saturday. Meanwhile, LSU was ranked seventh going into the SEC Championship game against Tennessee (winning 21-14). LSU leaped over 4 teams to land the #2 position. Go figure.

See how the poll changed dramatically in just one week:

1. Missouri (11-1)
2. West Virginia (10-1)
3. Ohio State (11-1)
4. Georgia (10-2)
5. Kansas (11-1)
6. Virginia Tech (10-2)
7. LSU (10-2)
8. USC (9-2)
9. Oklahoma (10-2)
10. Florida (9-3)

1. Ohio State (11-1)
2. LSU (11-2)
3. Virginia Tech (11-2)
4. Oklahoma (11-2)
5. Georgia (10-2)
6. Missouri (11-2)
7. USC (10-2)
8. Kansas (11-1)
9. West Virginia (10-2)
10. Hawaii (12-0)

Big Winners..........Hawaii, goes to the Sugar Bowl to face Georgia. Illinois, gets a trip to the Rose Bowl to meet USC.

Big Losers.............Missouri, goes from playing in the national championship bowl game, to playing in a non BCS bowl (Cotton ), after losing the Big 12 Championship to Oklahoma.

Georgia is an early 11 point favorite over the undefeated Warriors of Hawaii. The Dawgs are in a "lose - lose" situation. If they win........they were supposed to.....But if they lose.....Wow, David slew Goliath! Too a lesser degree, same thing with USC. The Trojans are a 14 point favorite over Illinois (9-3). Anything less than a USC blowout would be viewed as underachieving. Would have loved to see a USC - Georgia match up.

What a melt down in Morgantown. How do you lose to a team when you're a 28 point favorite? You're playing at home, getting all kinds of favorable calls from the referees, and you still lose? Yes Pat White got hurt, but this is supposed to be a "triple option" offense. I didn't see any other options. I saw a team that did not execute , played scared and allow Pitt to gain and sustain momentum in the second half.

Get ready for the 32 Bowl marathon , beginning with the December 20 Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego (Utah -- Navy), and ending January 7, 2008 in New Orleans withe the BCS Championship game. Wake me up on New Year's Day. I'll start watching then.

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