Thursday, October 4, 2007


We'll start with the last game of the evening. Great start for the D'backs as Webb out dueled Zambrano. I have different take than most baseball pundits. Everybody's killing Lou Pinella for pulling Zambie after only 85 pitches. I've seen Zambrano implode late in games this year. It came without warning signs....bang!!!.....the bear has jumped on his back and he's given up 2 or 3 runs in a heartbeat. The true culprits last night was the batting line-up which prides itself of scoring runs. The Cubs first 4 hitters (Soriano, Jones, Lee, and Ramirez) were a combined 1 for 16, with 6 strikeouts and 9 runners left on base. The Cubbies stranded 16 in all. In Looking at Soriano's career post season stats, it's a little alarming if you're a Cub fan:

If we have learned anything this's, don't ever, ever, count the Fighting Phils out. Having said that ..... the Rockies have made a statement here. "We can friggin hit!!! & Y'all can't stop us."
-- COLORADO - 030 000 010 -- 4
PHILADELPHIA - 000 020 000 -- 2

The ALDP game with the Sox and the Angels was all Boston. This will probably by the only sweep of the early round. California is beat up and short handed without Gary Matthews, Jr. They managed only 4 hits (all singles) on a night when Josh Beckett was just awesome!

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