Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Damned Yankees

And then there were none.....As in no New York teams left in Baseball's post season. While New Yorkers grieve, the rest of the country is letting out a huge sigh of relief and thanking the baseball Gods for answering our season long prayers of excluding the Big Apple from yet another Fall Classic. I could swear that last night on TBS's telecast, Skip Carey was sporting pompoms with Yankee pin stripes, the way he was rooting for them to make a come back. They would have sold their soul for a game 5. The Only person I feel bad for is .....Joe Torre. Torre is the consummate professional, who has managed the Yankees to 4 World Series Championships in this 12 year reign. Ted Turner, upon firing Torre, once said, "I would hire him again if I hadn't just fired him." Here's a look at the history of all Yankee managers...............http://www.baseball-almanac.com/mgrtmny.shtml

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