Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pete Carroll.......Man of Mystery?

Many are calling it the biggest upset in College Football this year. Depending upon which poll you subscribe to, USC was either #1 (coaches poll) or #2 (AP writers poll). But.....yesterday they got beat by Stanford. Yes .....that Stanford. The Stanford that was a 41 point underdog! The Stanford that was playing the Trojans in the Los Angeles Coliseum. The Stanford that was 1-3, having given up 45 points to UCLA, 55 points to Oregon, and 41 points to Arizona State. The Stanford that was out gained 459-235 in total net yards yesterday. Yes.......that Stanford beat USC 24-23 in a historic game that leaves sports enthusiasts scratching their heads searching for answers. The answer lies at the top. Pete Carroll's act is finally catching up with his program. No one questions the talent and speed of USC, but a total lack a a disciplined system has manifested its way into theses Trojans. Carroll's "I'm just one of the guys" personality has worked for several years, but those teams had proven leaders and stability within the players and coaches. It's gut-wrench time for Carroll and his staff. A program......this good for so long......and this talented and deep....does not lose Stanford.
Carroll's Career Coaching Stats:
NCAA: 69-12
Bowl Games: 4-2
BCS Games 4-1
NFL Regular Season 33-31
NFL Postseason 1-2

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