Friday, October 19, 2007

The 5 Million Dollar Insult

Every body's jumping in on the Joe Torre thing. It was like a funeral today on WFAN's afternoon drive of "Mike & the Mad dog. The two-some -- along with their callers were crucifying the Yankees for running Joe out of town. ......Huh????? Am I missing something here? Torre, already the highest paid manager in all of baseball, was offered a one year contract -- with bonus incentives -- that had a base salary of 5 million -- with the potential to earn 8 million -- if the Yankees got to the World Series. Of course......feeling totally dissed ....and unappreciated, Mr. Torre turned down the offer. Helloooo!!!! Joe.....remember when you were just an also-ran manager of the New York Mets, the Atlanta Braves, and the Saint Louis Cardinals??? Your record with those teams was an unimpressive 894 wins and 1103 losses.
You then parlayed a successful broadcasting stint into becoming the manager of the best team money can buy. Money!!!! Torre always started the season a leg up on the competition -- the Yankees always has.....and always will have the highest payroll in baseball. How arrogant of Joe to think the 12 straight post season appearances was all his doing.........I applaud the Yankees for calling his bluff. And .....Yanks.....feel free to "insult" me ....any time.

Check out Torre's career Managerial record .

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