Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If a Tree Fell in the woods.....but nobody saw it.....did it Really Fall?

Arizona........we hardly knew you. And of course we never saw you -- but we've been told you have been eliminated from the play-offs by the Colorado Rockies. With last nights' (actually this mornings') 6-4 lost to the Rockies, the Diamondbacks were swept back to Phoenix in a best 4 of 7 contest to determine the National League's representative in this year's World Series. I feel kind of bad for TBS. In their first year of airing MLB playoff games, they were dealt deuces and treys in an ace high game of spades. After Chicago and Philadelphia both lost -- TBS was left with the small market combination of Colorado-Arizona. Adding to TBS's woes was bad timing and poor scheduling by Major League Baseball. With the games starting at 8pm & later, most of us here in the east never saw the ending of any game in the entire series. The ratings for the NLCS were the lowest in the history of baseball telecasts. In trying to get that advertising revenue generated by airing games only in prime time --- baseball has lost an entire generation of fans. I also blame MLB for their love affair with the 2 teams from New York, the Boston Redsox, and yes , the Alanta Braves. Every FOX Saturday game of the week as well as ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball featured at least one of those 4 teams. The country never got to see Colorado or Arizona ,
or even Cleveland. So when the big 4 don't make it into post season, the national interest is minuscule. We would love to see a Rockies-Indians Fall Classic.....of course on the east coast we won't actually see the games in their entirety......but ......hey ....there's always Sportscenter.

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