Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why the Hawks will Always be Mediocre

If you look up "mediocre" in the're very likely to see the franchise of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks.

The Hawks will always win 45 to 50 games a year....make the play-offs....exit the play-offs...with little buzz in the ATL.

The city has been waiting and waiting...and waiting.   This is a great city with great facilities.  The world's busiest airport.  CNN,  Coca-cola,  UPS,  Home Depot....

But when it comes to this's ...well bogged down in a mediocrity that's getting down right distasteful.

No big name coach was even courted....much less signed.   And in the end?

We get a life long assistant coach...who we can't even pronounce his name.

Really?  Atlanta Hawks?  Really?

From the AJC:


New Hawks coach introduced

Mike Budenholzer meets the press at Philips Arena news conference

Jason Getz / AJC
Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry, right, introduces Atlanta Hawks new coach Mike Budenholzer at Philips Arena Wednesday morning in Atlanta. JASON GETZ / JGETZ@AJC.COM

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