Friday, May 31, 2013

"Brave" New Line-up

B. J. Upton ....benched....Dan Uggla,  benched.    Jason Heyward,  benched.  All three guys had a batting average well south of .200.

So the Atlanta Braves said, "If you can't can't play"!  Their replacements erupted for 11 runs in the win last night.

So,  Atlanta....this is not rocket science.  Sit these no hitting, prim a donas ...down.

Great job last night.

From the AJC:

Alex Wood
Dave Tulis

Big night for the Braves

Former UGA pitcher Alex Wood made his major league debut as the Braves came back from a shutout last night to defeat the Blue Jays.
 Wood call-up sets off roster changes
 Braves' bullpen woes

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