Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome to the Party...UGA Defense

It took almost 3 quarters of a season...This Georgia defense...with supposedly  all that NFL finally play the way they will someday be paid to play.

No softies here.  Georgia manned up against these Gators and forced their will.   6 turnovers.  Hard, hard hits.   No touchdowns allowed. 

Well......welcome to the party,  men.

It had been speculated by more than a few people....Maybe these future NFL stars of Georgia were "saving" themselves by playing as not to get hurt before getting that Sunday playing contract. 

But least for one Saturday....they played the way their talent should have played.


Wasn't pretty...but...a a win.


Bob Andres,

Georgia overpowers Florida

Late Florida fumble near endzone preserves Dogs' win and hopes for SEC East title.

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