Wednesday, October 24, 2012 ...Well 6-0!

Man oh man....Are we hearing it from the national media.

Yes....but!   Been a whole lot of "yes...buts" lately.  The Atlanta Falcons have played six games.   The Atlanta Falcons have won six games.  The Atlanta Falcons are the only undefeated team in the NFL.


Who have they beaten?   Their running game is suspect.   There defense has holes.  They could be 3-3.

But....they are not.  These birds are 6-0.    You play the teams on your schedule.  This is the NFL.  Everybody gets paid at this level.   There are no Vanderbilts or Savannah States coming to the Georgia Dome any time soon.

And even when the Falcons have not had their "A" game...they have found a way to win.   Get off their backs. f*#king......6-0.   Period!


Al Bello, Getty Images

Falcons look to achieve perfection

While the Falcons don't believe they've played their "best football on offense yet," the Eagles defense may prove tough to break through.
 Nolan: Eagles offense a 'sleeping giant'
 Schedule will test undefeated Falcons

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