Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hump Day News & Views

In this small southern college's downright cold!  But, this is the last day of October so it is what it is.  Fall is definitely in the air.

It's a "Hump Day" well as Halloween.


Let's "hump": still..."it":

Sticking With Vick

Our vote is for Herm...all the way:

WATCH: Top 10 Press Conference Rants

Herm Edwards
Kevin Garnette is a big baby:

WATCH: Kevin Garnett Snubs Ray Allen -- Then Loses In Miami

Heat Celtics Kevin Garnett Ray Allen Snub Ignore
Is this Steve Nash...or Mr. Rogers?

Steve Nash Wears Ridiculous Outfit, Proves The NBA Hipster Fashion Trend Is Picking Up Speed

Really Steve?  Really?
Hey....Have a great Hump Day and a safe Halloween.

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