Saturday, December 11, 2010

We Salute You....George Karl

In this...the  Christmas season.... the time for miracles ....

It is a pleasure to recognize George Karl....

From the Denver Post:

TORONTO — It may have been by accident or, one might suggest, by fate. As a freshman at North Carolina, George Karl had back surgery. Couldn't play ball for nine months. To keep himself from going crazy, he served as an "associate" coach, picking apart game film and coaches' brains.

While he learned to play basketball on the playgrounds of Pittsburgh, it was at Carolina where he learned to think basketball. It was then when he knew — someday, if he worked hard enough — he could become a coach.

One thousand NBA wins later, the Nuggets coach is a "treasure in our league," as Boston coach Doc Rivers said this week. On Friday in Toronto, the Nuggets beat the Raptors 123-116, win No. 1,000 in Karl's NBA career.


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