Friday, December 17, 2010

A Full Blown......."Dumpster Fire"

Can things......get any uglier for the Washington Redskins? Mike Shanahan suspends the best defensive player,  Albert Haynesworth ....without pay for the final 4 games. a head scratching move,  Shanahan has benched QB Donovan favor of the disaster known as Rex Grossman.

We need to remind Mr. Shanahan......Without the arm of one John Elway....He never would have had a ....."sniffling" of   super bowl.

We need to remind Mr. Shanahan.......He was fired at Oakland.......He was fired at Denver.

We need to remind Mr. Shanahan......You ain't .......all that!

From today's Washington Post:

Redskins bench McNabb

Quarterback may not return next season
REDSKINS INSIDER | Hinting that the Donovan McNabb era in D.C. may be coming to an end, Coach Mike Shanahan says Rex Grossman will start at quarterback against Dallas.

Tough call, but right one

SALLY JENKINS | The fact is that Donovan McNabb has been more classy than good, and the Redskins need to find out if he's the problem.

Dunce cap for Shanahan

THOMAS BOSWELL | The Redskins' problem is that the guy who makes the big personnel decisions just happens to also be the head coach.

Donovan McNabb

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said Friday he is benching six-time Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb, above, for the remainder of the season and that McNabb may not return for a second season. (John McDonnell/The Post)

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