Friday, July 2, 2010

"She's ....Just a Friend"

At least that's what UGA  Athletic Director Damon Evans wants us to believe.

The saga goes on........from a DUI possible ....marriage improprieties.

From the Athens Banner Herald.....a copy of the initial police report:

Evans was swerving, smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot, watery eyes, the arresting officer wrote in the report. He had a pair of red panties between his legs, the trooper noted, and later said that the woman took them off and he was holding them.

Just a friend?   Read on:

He fumbled through his wallet looking for his license, and told the trooper he’d had two vodka martinis at the Beluga Martini Bar earlier that night.
Because he smelled of alcohol, the trooper asked Evans to step out of the car and perform some sobriety tests.
During the tests Evans repeatedly told the officer that he didn’t have to arrest him because he was the UGA athletic director.
“I am not trying to bribe you, but I am the athletic director of the University of Georgia,” he said, according to the trooper.
When the officer handcuffed him, Evans began to cry, the trooper reported.

 And then....this "she's just a friend"......(the 28 year old....white woman, Courtney Fuhrmann).... seals his fate:

After arriving at the jail, Fuhrmann told the trooper that Evans’ arrest did not matter because he was the athletic director.
“I promise you one thing, he will get off,” Fuhrmann told the trooper, according to his report. “Just to let you know, it will be erased because he is the Athletic Director of UGA and he has that power.”
When asked, she told the trooper that she and Evans had been seeing each other “only a week or so.” sure know how to pick 'em!

Our advice to Mr. Evans,  "Resign......before they fire your ass.   Get your lawyers working on a severance deal....and be gone.   Get your life back....your wife back....and start .....anew. 

Read a copy of the police incident report from Evans' arrest.

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