Monday, July 26, 2010

Another....Life-line......For Michael Vick

We know.....or have been told......cats have nine lives.


No.......Unless it involves Michael Vick...and the NFL.

After a birthday party gone bad.......a investigation.....

Vick is still alive and well in the NFL:

NFL says Vick can play

PHILADELPHIA, July 26 (UPI) -- The NFL said Monday quarterback Michael Vick, under a bit of a cloud after a shooting outside his birthday celebration, can play this season.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello sent a Twitter message saying "there has been no change in his playing status." Aiello said the NFL would have no further comment for now.
Vick was to report to the Philadelphia Eagles' training camp Monday.

The Philadelphia Daily News had reported the league cleared Vick following an investigation into last month's shooting outside a restaurant.

While the quarterback, who is trying to rebuild his career after serving federal prison time for dogfighting, was cleared as a suspect and no charges were filed in the shooting incident, he was reported to have been in a confrontation before it happened.That placed him in the position of potentially facing league discipline.

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