Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hump Day Views.....and News

They're! The NBA play-offs are a beautiful thing. The cream is rising to the top. The pretenders are being replaced by real contenders. The L. A. Lakers blew off the Denver Nuggets in 4 straight. Orlando dispatched of Toronto in did New Orleans with Dallas....also in 5. Phoenix is gone. Done in by San Antonio........once again. Tonights games features Atlanta at Boston in a series tied at 2 apiece. Also , Washington at Cleveland, as the Cavs (leading 3-1) try to close out the Wizards. Let's play some ball.

Smoltz....returning to the pen? In today's issue of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, John Smoltz hinted at returning to the Atlanta Braves bullpen in the role of the closer once again. After going on the disable list Tuesday with inflammation in the rotator cuff and a biceps tendon in his pitching arm, Smoltz said it's possible he would return to the closer role where he dominated during the 202-04 seasons. Makes sense to me. At 40, no need trying to pitch 6 or 7 innings as a starter when he can dominate for an inning or two as a reliever. And we all know how this years' bullpen sucks.

Early season surprises......fact.....or fiction. Major league baseball will enter the month of May with traditional cellar dwellers Florida Marlins and Baltimore Orioles leading their respective divisions. The Marlins lead the NL east with a 15-11 record.......while the Orioles lead the AL east with a record of 15-11 also. The Arizona Diamondbacks have the best record in baseball (19-7) , and have a 6 game lead in the NL west. Both Chicago teams lead in the central divisions........the White Sox (14-11) lead the AL ...while the Cubs (16-9) lead the NL. Not surprising, the woeful Texas Rangers have the worst record......9-17.

He's..............back..........Larry Brown was named Head Coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. Does this guy get around ......or what? Since 1972, Brown has coached 9 professional teams and 2 college teams. They include, Carolina (ABA), Denver, New Jersey, San Antonio, L. A. Clippers, Indiana, Philadelphia, Detroit, and New York. He also coached at Kansas and UCLA. He is the only coach to win an NBA championship (Detroit 2004), and a NCAA championship (Kansas 1987-88). Bobcat president, Michael Jordan made the announcement Tuesday.......Hey Michael, "Great coach......but ....exactly how long do you think Mr. Brown will stay"?

The Dodgers want a refund......L. A. Dodger centerfielder, Andruw Jones is not what the Dodgers thought they were getting when they signed him to a 2 year deal worth $36.2 million. Through 26 games, Jones is hitting .165 with just 1 home run and 4 RBI's. He has struck out 29 times. Can you say , "Biggest bust ....of all time"? I can. Jones got fat and lazy. He came into spring training some 30 pounds over weight. The Braves were smart in not re-signing him. The Dodgers got suckered.......Oh well..........

Finally..... Are they still playing Hockey?

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