Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Saints...go Marching...Out of the Play-offs!

For us?  This was great!   Our beloved Birds...beat the hated Saints....In New Orleans!

As bad as this season has been...this was one of those,  "It don't get no better...than this!"

These Falcons fell behind...7-0...scored the next 20....then  held on to win.  A defense that hasn't stopped an offense all year.....stopped the Saints.

On the road.

In the SuperDome!

From the New Orleans Times-Picayune... We just love to see them lose!


Saints eliminated from playoff contention after 30-14 loss to Falcons
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Falcons stun Saints, 30-14

Trailing the Falcons by six points late in the fourth quarter with 90 yards to go to keep its season alive, the Saints failed.

Who do you blame for the Saints' home loss?

And who do you blame for this disappointing season? Tell us what you think.

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