Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hump Day News & Views

Another Wednseday....another Hump Day!

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.   Lights, trees...decorations.

No....we don't have snow.   But it's's damp...and it gets dark by 4:30!

So let us do some Humping.

Sports world Style.

 From our friends at The Huffington Post....these are some of the news which got our attention.


An Arm is much?

Jon Lester's Arm Now Worth $155 Million

Jon Lester
You can look....Just don't Touch!

LeBron Breaks Royal Protocol

Lebron Kate
 win!  Hockey Players...are Tough!

BADASS: Hockey Player Loses Part Of His Ear, Wins Game

Kevin Klein
"Bad Behavior" starts....real Early!

Little Boy Misses Putt, Throws Tantrum For The Ages

And finally....Why We Watch Sports:

Whether Playing Or Watching, Sports Make Us Happy

Happify Sports

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