Thursday, July 12, 2012

Made in China? Really USA? Really?

Somebody should get their asses fired.   Can the USA Olympic Committee be this dumb?

Don't they realize that in today's world.....with the internet and social media...nothing...and we do mean nothing...goes un-noticed?

Who was the genius who thought this thing through?

We are going to send our American athletes participating in the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics....attired in uniforms.....made in China?

Forget firing these idiots.....Put them in front of a firing squad....let the death be swift!

We are the United States of America.....We can't manufacture the uni's

Our belief is that smarter people than us here at 5 on Five...will see the errors of this...correct it.....and by the start of the 2012 Olympics.....our athletes will adorned in made in the USA attire.

It must happen!

 Olympic team uniforms

U.S. Olympians, from left, swimmer Ryan Lochte, decathlete Bryan Clay, rower Giuseppe Lanzone and soccer player Heather Mitts model the the official Team USA opening ceremony uniform, designed by Ralph Lauren and made in China. (Ralph Lauren / July 12, 2012)


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