Monday, July 16, 2012

From the Week-end......

In this small southern college town.....It's still summer.  We are now rapidly approaching the "dog days.

Some stuff we followed this past week-end:

Is "Lin-sanity" over in New York?

Is Lin Out Of NYC?

Jeremy Lin Carmelo Anthony

Melo Calls Rockets' Offer 'Ridiculous''re not a "kid" anymore!

Jason Kidd Arrested For DWI

Jason Kidd Arrested

PHOTO: Kidd Allegedly Carried Out Of Club Before Arrest


This just the kind of catch I used to my youth:


WATCH: Phillies Prospect Makes Ridiculous Catch



Spike ...everywhere!

Teixeira's Bat Goes Flying.. To Spike Lee

Spike Lee
Quick Trips:
The Atlanta Braves swept the New York Mets....won their 7th straight!
Nick Sabans' daughter is getting sued.
Kobe Bryant thinks this years' USA Olympic team...could beat the original "Dream Team".
Dream on....Kobe! 

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