Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hump Day News & Views

It's a the deep south.

It is also very hot.   Pop-up thunderstorms.   High humidity.

The south.   Love it or leave it.'s a "Hump Day" so lets  get to humpin'......

Sir Charles has spoken:

Barkley: Dwightmare Is Bad For NBA

Dwight Howard

Is Lin, Lin......a win, win?


Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin Leaving Knicks For Rockets


The New York take on Lin:


PHOTOS: NYC Tabloids React To Knicks' Lin Decision

Jeremy Lin
This will surely be a hit.....NOT....

Pete Rose Reality Show Coming

Pete Rose Reality Show
Why is Mike still taking to the idiots in the media?

WATCH: 'Today' Airs Wrong Footage During Michael Vick Interview

Michael Vick
Quick Trips:
Why does the "Drive-thru's"....always f*&k up your orders?
Why can't you....never understand what they are saying?
Why do only get 1 straw....after ordering....4 drinks?
Why is it.....when you're by yourself....and order a 20 piece chicken bucket with all the trimmings and a gallon of iced they ask,  "Is this for here...or to go?
Just asking...
Have a great "Hump Day"! 

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