Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chart of the Day

Another interesting chart from    Business Insider:

CHART OF THE DAY: The NCAA Tournament Is One Big Nike Commercial

This year's NCAA tournament is significant because it is the first in which teams are allowed to wear jerseys with the manufacturer's logo (previously they were only allowed on the shorts). And the one brand that will benefit the most is Nike.

Of the 68 teams in this year's NCAA tournament, 48 schools are wearing Nike jerseys and another three are wearing the Jordan brand, which is a division of Nike. (via Sports Business Daily). On the footwear side, 52 teams are donning Nike shoes and three are wearing Jordan brand. That is 55 teams under the Swoosh umbrella.

The only other brand with a significant presence is Adidas with 12 schools wearing their shoes, and 11 of those wearing Adidas jerseys. The rest of the brands represented are Anaconda Sports, Russell Athletic, Under Armour and Crons. Surprisingly, no teams are wearing Reebok Pumps.

Below is a word cloud (created using that shows every brand that is represented in the NCAA tournament this season. The size of the names reflects the number of teams wearing that brand relative to the other brands.

NCAA Apparel Brands

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