Friday, October 10, 2008

Life .....As a Single Man

Of course.....not your average single man.....Recently divorced Michael Jordan is on the dating scene....big time. And by the way, it's with a white woman. Surprise, surprise..........

Thanks to "The Young, Black, and Fabulous " for these photos:

  • Is This Your New Chick Michael Jordan?

    Look who was spotted having an intimate dinner with his new mystery woman at the exclusive Miami restaurant Prime One Twelve last night?:

    Oh yes. Michael Jordan.

    The woman is relatively unknown, but apparently they have been very chummy in South Beach lately. And I doubt he would take a simple jump off to such a paparazzi haven “exclusive” restaurant such as this one. So this one might actually be his new main chick. I mean, I know Mike loves some Beckys but clearly he loves all of Beckys friends too. Y’all get what I’m sayin’…

    UPDATE: YBF snitches are on the case and Mike’s girlfriend is Yvette Prieto, a Cuban model and former girlfriend of Julio Inglesias, Jr. She and Michael have actually been together for a little while now. Not my fault chicks look like totally different people with and without makeup. I guess I should strike my previous Becky comment. Or not.

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