Friday, October 24, 2008

Desperate Times....Lead to Desperate Acts...

Desperation among republicans?????

We did warn our readers that these last two weeks before the presidential election would be indeed interesting..... has turned to the.....bizaarre.....and then some.

Thanks to Jason Cherkis of the "Washington City Paper".....we give you this:

McCain Camp Has Its Own Tawana Brawley

OK. The headline was a little harsh. Via TPM:

“By now you’ve all heard about Ashley Todd, the 20-year-old McCain volunteer who claimed that she was assaulted in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night by an attacker who scratched a ‘B’ in her cheek after learning that she was for McCain.

The story was flacked madly last night by Drudge, even though few if any details had been established or independently confirmed.”

Well. The woman made it all up. The AP is reporting that police found her story just didn’t add up. Here’s more of the details:

“A McCain campaign volunteer who reported that a tall black man robbed her and then cut a “B” onto her cheek after seeing a McCain bumper sticker on her car has been given a polygraph test because of ‘inconsistencies’ in her story, police said.

Among other things, police said photos and bank card information from an automated teller machine where the college student claimed she was robbed do not show her using the machine at the time, police said.”

Yesterday, Todd became a mini Joe The Plumber. According to HuffPo: “The report of the attack Thursday prompted the Republican presidential candidate and his running mate, Sarah Palin, to call Todd expressing their concern. Barack Obama’s campaign also issued a statement wishing Todd well and hoping the attacker would be swiftly brought to justice.”

I guess Todd won’t be making any appearances on Fox News. And I guess McCain will not be citing her in any campaign rallies or using her as some sort of campaign theme.

I keep looking at her face........this took a lot of work...with Halloween just around the corner...she created quite a costume .....

What's next?

We shall see......

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