Tuesday, September 11, 2007


You know you've made it when your name is used in a verb form. Example....."Google" . Just google it.

Now, thanks to Lloyd Carr, college programs across the USA are now preparing there teams to "not get michiganed when playing a division 1-aa team. Years from now, you can envision players in a tight game with a 1-aa team saying, "Man, let's get going here.....We sho' don't wanna get michiganed!!!

Five thoughts on a Tuesday Night:

(1). I closed the coffin on my beloved Atlanta Braves...May They rest in peace.
(2). I thought the Ravens got robbed last night.
(3). Harold McReynolds just may have a case against ESPN.
(4). Pimp my Ride is still a great show.
(5). 9/11/2001............where were you???

5 on five

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