Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fall....Is in the Air!

College football is at that stage where around this time of year, the cream starts rising. the cream of the crops emerges, so does the scum of the earth. This week-end brought us a lot of answers to pre-season questions.....and a lot of questions that still need answering.

First of all, before everybody jumps on the Kentucky bandwagon, that team from Louisville is NOT that good. Their defense (middle tenn state). Auburn .....well ........the Tigers must be rebuilding....if this is such a thing in the SEC. My hats off to the "Croom-master". Alabama dominated the 1st qtr of the Arkansas game , but was lucky to come back and win. Florida is scarry. Tennessee is slow, and Urban Meyer is an idiot for leaving Tebow in. Prediction: Tebow does not last the season.

GA Tech did what it normally does........Get's the ATL all excited with a couple of nice wins, only to fall back to reality checks with home losses. Notre Dame........Notre Dame.....notre dame........God, have the mighty taken a fall.......And I love it. This is the University that fired Ty Willingham after just 3 seasons because he was'nt steering them in the right direction. Exactly...which direction is Charlie Tuna leading the in? WTF is with UCLA? Utah mopped the floor up with these guys. They went from 11 to un-ranked. Say what you want about the pre-season polls........but USC sure is looking good. And they did it on the road.

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