Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dejavu....all over again

Here we go.........here we go. The O. J. Simpson fiasco has taken center stage again. White people, enraged 9 years ago when he was acquitted on murder charges, see this as poetic justice. Black folks just want OJ to disappear. No matter the outcome, you can best believe Fox News will be all over this.
Simpson Charged With 7 Felonies, Including Kidnapping, In a Vegas Hotel robbery , remained held without bond through Tuesday.

All about the benjamins....baby!

Date line : Jacksonville, FA. Jaguars fail to sell-out stadium for first time in 6 years. Yes, this past Sunday's game between the Falcons and the 'cats was blacked-out in Jacksonville due to NFL rules stating games must be solded out by the Friday before. Would not have been that bad.....but. NFL rules specify a 75 mile radius outside JX'ville.....so that included Savannah, GA also. No Jaguars......no Falcons for a substantial portion of north Florida and south Georgia.
Luckily for the Falcons, all games are sold out this year....but the embarressments will come with the no shows on nationally scheduled games. They have a Thanksgiving night game on the NFL Network and a Monday Nighter against the Saints. Which brings us back to Vick. No matter which side you 're on regarding Vick the person, you have to know that without him, the Falcons will be hurting and home teams the ATL plays will not sell as many tickets. There is no way if Vick was playing this past weekend in JX'ville, it would have been a sell-out.

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