Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Where Have You Gone....Tiger Woods?

It really pains us to write this... As recent as 2009,  Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods....was the best golfer on the planet.
 Even in 2013...he was the number 1 money maker on the PGA Tour.  A phenom!  Tiger made us watch this boring game.

He won tournament after tournament.   He was built like an athlete...not a golfer.  He did things with a golf ball that had never been seen in our lifetime.  He brought millions of viewers.   Millions of admirers.   Hell....even us black folks got interested in golf!

For at least a 10 year period...he was the number 1 ranked golfer in the world...and it wasn't even close.

Then suddenly...he's gone.

His ranking today:  
Current ranking:
258 - 95 points - 8 events - 0 wins - $225,198

$225,198?  It is almost August!  He used to make that amount on 1 weekend.

But ...the injuries...the extra marriage stuff...the divorce...have left this Tiger...toothless.

Where have you gone....Tiger?

In the news
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Tiger Woods has dropped to 258th in the official world golf ranking on the heels of another ...


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