Thursday, September 11, 2014


Here is what the New York Post...thinks about Janay....standing by her man:


First Photo of Ray and Janay Rice After Baltimore Ravens Terminated His Contract

Ray and Janay Rice
A quick thinking paparazzi apparently ordered flowers to be delivered to the Baltimore home of former NFL player Ray Rice on Tuesday. The photog snapped shots of the embattled couple as they answered the door to accept the flowers.
The exclusive photos were published in today’s NY Post.

Janay Rice, 26, came to the door looking disheveled and fretful, while Ray Rice, 27, looked agitated and appeared to be yelling at the delivery men.
In a social media post on Monday, Janay blamed the media and public opinion for her husband’s problems.
Ray Rice was terminated by the Baltimore Ravens after shocking video footage surfaced of him knocking out his wife in the elevator at a now shuttered Atlantic City casino. Video footage released earlier by gossip tabloid TMZ showed Rice dragging his unconscious wife out of the elevator.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claims he never saw the new video footage before suspending Rice for just 2 games. But a NJ cop told ESPN he sent the new video footage to a NFL executive in April.
In related news, champion boxer and convicted wife beater Floyd Mayweather defended Ray Rice, saying the NFL should have honored Rice’s 2-game suspension.

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