Monday, March 11, 2013

Things From the Week-end that Was

Interesting week-end in this small, southern, college town.  The weather was simply "drop dead" gorgeous.  No rain...temps in the 70's....

Grilling weather.  And man did I grill!   Perfect conditions.  No cold...shucks,  there weren't even any annoying flies.

So I did beef ribs,  sausage, chicken, sliced turkey drumsticks....and topped  it all off with grilled shrimp kabobs.  Threw  in a pot of black-eyed peas...and you might as well say...we had a feast.

But that was then.  Now, we embark on a new week.

Some "stuff"....from the week-end that was:

Chipper a Yankee?   Really New York...really?

Brandon Knight needs a group hug:

WATCH: DeAndre Jordan Posterizes Brandon Knight

Jordan Dunk

Tiger is still the best golfer...on the planet:

Tiger Cruises To 76th PGA Tour Win

Tiger Woods

Don't look now...But the Lakers...are a coming:

Lakers Move Into Playoff Position

Lakers Bulls

Will the Heat ...ever lose ...again?

The Streak Continues

Heat Pacers

It is what it is....
Hope you had a great week-end!

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