Friday, March 22, 2013

Hoops Before "Hoes"?

This is too funny...

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Kris Humphries
I Chose Basketball
Over Kim's Depo

0321_kris_humphries_getty2_articleKris Humphries is true to the adage, Hoops before Hoes ... and that's precisely why he was a no-show at Kim Kardashian's deposition.

You'll recall ... Kris' lawyer, Lee Hutton, talked about Kris' constitutional right to look Kim in the eyes as she testified under oath about their short-lived marriage.

So why, you ask, did Kris miss that golden opportunity? Sources close to the BBaller tell TMZ ... Kris had practice and travel obligations Tuesday, as Kim sat for her marathon, 9-hour depo. He had just finished a game Monday night in Michigan, had practice Tuesday and was traveling later that day to Dallas for a Wednesday game.

We're told Kris is adamant about one thing -- attending the May 6 trial, even if it conflicts with the playoffs. So hoes don't always come in second.


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