Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Curse of the Bullets/Wizards

"Karma" a funny thing.   Don't mess with it.  The NBA Gods, and 5onFive were not too thrilled when in 1997,  the Washington Bullets became the Washington Wizards.   

After caving in to political correctness...this team has become a laughing stock in  the "Association".

In their 15 seasons as the Wizards,  they have had only 4 winning ones.  The record since becoming Wizards?  466 wins.  716 losses.  They have gotten out of the 1st round of the play-offs only once of the four appearances.  

These Wizards were dealt the Gilbert Arenas era.  Remember that?  And who can ignor his "Airness" Michael Jordan  making us almost forget the great player he was being such a lousy General Manager.

And now this fiasco to start this season.

Can you say 0-11?


(Nick Wass / Associated Press)

Another agonizing loss for Wizards

Despite a valiant effort from Nene, who bypasses his playing-time limit to score 19 points, the Wizards fall to 0-11 with a double-overtime loss at Verizon Center.

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