Friday, April 13, 2012

A Jayson Williams....Update

Jayson Williams......remember him?

NBA star.....NBA announcer.....

Then he accidentally shoots his limo driver?

Then he is found not guilty......Then he has a DUI?

An update on Mr. Williams:


Ex-NBA Star Jayson Williams Released from Rikers Island

Breaking News
Disgraced former NBA superstar Jayson Williams is a free man again -- the 44-year-old was officially released from Rikers Island jail this morning.

Williams completed 8 months of his 1-year sentence ... stemming from a DUI arrest in 2010.

TMZ broke the story ... Jayson's blood alcohol level was .24 -- 3 times the legal limit -- and cops say he swerved across four lanes of traffic before striking a tree in NYC.

Before his stint at Rikers, Williams served 18 months in Wrightstown, NJ for aggravated assault and obstructing justice ... as part of a plea deal he accepted in the 2002 shooting death of his limo driver.

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